Ramzixp is a cheater! Be aware!

He is selling not working methods which can ban you on google play! He is cheating and tel you that he will sell ebook to only 5 people and after that he change it to 20 ebooks and more and more! He is a moroon and want to steal your money! Dont waste money on his ebook and ugly website!

Contact me if you want all his materials for free! I lost money buying from him, but now i want to protect others!

yeah, I am cheater and I want to eat your childrens, if you have not kids, I want to eat your flesh, once you pay me. I don’t believe that you opened account for flame.

I have good reviews on forums, from old users with great post counter, registered couple years ago, nice history and reputation. This guy say that is my accounts, lol …
Do you belive him or them? Fresh registered moron or good reputation users? Your choice.

btw. people thats why I created my website to avoid piracy and you cannot get this content from that guy :wink: - he have old pdf ebook, without translator and new stuff, membership on website is unique and I will ban all multiple localizations

Happy buyers:

I have full right to sell my stuff. People who not liked it, could do refund. Wait! LOL! People who insult me is one multiaccounter who never bought anything from me and attacking me because trolling and fun!

I will not reply to this guy anymore, I don’t want some stupid flame.

I just got on my inbox message from DroidGenie, who is very old member and have big counter of posts:
“i have all his crappy ebooks but can you send me his translator tool? He doesn’t even provide the source code for his methods so yeah his methods suck.”
hahaha and what now?

I can share screen or send screenshots from this website and send to everyone. Who want it for free? I think that it is good price for such shit! do not buy from this moroon

And you always lie - look at post above “I will not reply to this guy anymore, I don’t want some stupid flame.” . I am sure he write again here from this account or other his accounts. he is just a cheater

ramzixp got banned from PlayStore. He is now selling crap to get you banned too. Be careful.

Thanks for throwing me under the bus, so are you going to send over the translate tool or what?

He didn’t send me anything too even if I sent him message just few minutes after he posted here… I guess this guy is fake.

Atleast now we all know ramzixp dude is selling Snake oil. He got banned and selling his crap now :slight_smile:

I saw few good posts of Ramzixp long back. Was not aware that he is banned from play store. Excessive experiments and playing with play store might be injurious to apps/games health.

Ramzixp, i think its time to make new id on forum. Once things are exposed and people know,i wonder hardly anyone gonna will believe.

Feel sorry for your loss and sorry about your play store ban as well.

Did you really encourage Ramzixp moron to create another id so that he can cheat more people here? WTF is wrong with people here? Everyone encouraging cheating others?

Wow this forum is a ****ing cesspool.

When we say true about ramzixp - that he is a scammer - in the same time he give free tools for people only to write a good review. He cant sell anything so he “buy” reviewers. Just like DroidGenie.


I am still waiting his ebook or other his stuff you have that you promised to send… why you didn’t send yet? Hope you are not a cheater too.

Ramzixp was on this forum before most of those who keep bashing him. He was helpful many times and shared his knowledge for free in the past, sometimes leaving very helpful tips. I can’t judge his new e-books or tools - but I think it’s disrespectful for people new to this forum to bash a veteran without any proof. And yes, he was banned many times, used multiple Google Play accounts, did some shady things that he admitted himself - if I remember correctly and not mix him up with someone else, if I did, I apologise in advance. And he probably made more money during that time than we did and have learned a lot, so maybe it’s worth it to check out what he has to say in his e-books. Maybe his e-books are shitty, maybe they are not well written (his English could use some improvements, and we all know he is easy to provoke), but calling him a “scammer” and “cheater” is over the top.

I may have my doubts about his way to do things and I may not agree with him, but surely I wouldn’t call him a scammer or cheater just because I didn’t like what he was selling.

And you coming here, offering for free what he is selling, just to get some PMs (from devs to suck your balls to get it for free) and end up sharing that publicly… That’s lame.

You have mentioned like if we send PM then you ll share the tool and ebooks with us but you have simply mentioned the name of the devs who have sent you PM without givings those free stuffs…

So I am wondering who is the cheater here? You or Ramzxip :confused:

Proove it that you and your statement is legit by sending those materials to me by contacting me through PM :stuck_out_tongue:
@ramzixp: Is this your gameplay to improve your popularity haan :stuck_out_tongue:

He is not me, just some stupid kid, here is a proof with user reviews than I not cheated anybody, lol:
…and why you want my materials for free from him? :expressionless: who is cheater now? hmm :smiley:

http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/25515-asosecret-will-close-new-registrations-its-strongly-limited.html - here you can check big reputation users and what they think :wink:

Just to check whether he is a legit one or not. I ll delete the free materials ASAP once i received :stuck_out_tongue: lol

RAMZIXP IS A CHEATER! He do not reply on message where i post. He should close registration after 24h, but now he sell forever. he is just scam.

I just send the screenshots of website to everyone who write to me. Just check PM!

GOT TO THE HELL ****IN KID, if I can, I would kill you for real

I contacted @david to ban you and your multi accounts from MMWA, I don’t know where david is but I am sure he will do it some time

Nope. I do not encourage scammers. I just showed him his ground by saying that he should create abother ID.
May be i was misunderstood.
It was a mere taunt to him.

!!! scammers and cheaters do not deserve another chance !!!

So why so many people are happy? :slight_smile: @gcc it’s shame that you joined to some flame with people who never bought my new stuff and they just want to bomb it :smiley:

COME HERE, read reviews in this thread, I even listed it:
http://forums.makingmoneywithandroid.com/advertising-networks/25515-asosecret-will-close-new-registrations-its-strongly-limited.html - in this thread

If you not interested to, just leave it and let this stupid thread die. Many people likes what I am doing and YES! I WAS BANNED IN GOOGLE PLAY STORE, I never told that it’s not true but I know how to create and manage new accounts in store and stay undetectable. What’s weird? Many people were banned.

Just leave this thread man, I have happy buyers and it’s 80% stuff for newbie what is described on every thread and my website, everyone can read short article and decide if he wants it or not.

but you joined to some idiots who have the same sentence always “HE IS A CHEATER, UGA BUGA UGA BUGA!” oO
maybe if you bought it and not likes something, why not pmed me? lol

Everyone who bomb it in this thread, not even tried this new stuff. People who tried, can be found here with honest reviews
but idiots says that are my accounts oO yeah, I am javaexp, droidgenie, etc. :smiley: