Airpush CPM drops significantly from May?

I’m sure that’s true but its not the case for what’s going on the past few days.

Has anyone asked AP what’s going on?

My most recent app (published from May 2) got the same CPM :wink:

welcome to the club. yesterday my ecpm was $0.07 for smartwall. but it’s for a one app that im getting very high smartwall impressions. it seems they lower the ecpm when the impressions are high.

It’s exactly true for me that the eCPM decreases inverse proportionally to the increment of impressions, therefore, revenue stays still.
Airpush’s algorithm is applying the Theorem of Revenue Conservation.

Yea, I got under 10 cent cpms too.

You can counteract this with multiple account. When your revenue hits ~$400/day make a new account.

More Impressions are slapped with low CPM. However, the smartwall CPM is the worst I have seen for this year.

Still have $0.06 ecpm on smartwall. Do you see any improvement in your stats?

My Smart Wall eCPM is $0.30, where it was $1.28 last month.

Yup, if this keeps up a few more days I’m moving to other ad networks for my smartwall unit. Either Airpush decided to take a bigger cut or there’s a bug of some kind in the system is my best bet.
@Phil.Airpush, please let us know what’s going on. These eCPMs are terrible for this type of ad unit, and people will slowly start moving to other interstitials on other networks if these numbers keep up. Airpush has been good for many people, but in this business the present dollar is the bottom line. We know it’s nothing to do with advertisers, for many reasons, but specifically because we are all getting 3x the amount of impressions. Which doesn’t make sense.

I’m starting to get impatient about this situation…

The good thing is, when their system has a bug, then we the developers are the losers who get an ecpm of < 0.1$, it’s never Airpush who loses money. So think about it … if this all really is a bug or not.

my CPM has been rising the last 2 days…Lets hope it keeps going up…it isn’t much but when you’re doing volume you notice 2-3 cents difference. Give it some time guys…I’m sure it will get better

Today my CPM is $1.05- Smartwall 0.52. It’s low but at least it’s getting better. Hope this trend continues.

Not only Airpush, Leadbolt sucks too, seems after 3 month they have capped my stable ~1.00$ ecp on banner ads to ~0,.12$. The ad networks are hustling us as they like.
It helps only to move to another ad networks every 3 monthes.

I’ve been getting an eCPM from around $1. Do any of you know which is the advantage from working with Airpush icon, instead of other ad-networks ones?

Still extremely low CPM on smartwall. anyone else stuck with shitty CPMs on smartwall?

It’s still low for me also, yesterday it was 1.2$ but that’s better than 0.9$ at the beginning of May.
Don’t know why, smartwalls are at 0.5$ at average(1.5$ in April), still very low.
I’m trying startapp for change, they seems to be very good.

Considering to add a few apps to airpush, what cpm should I expect? does it depend on the format I choose?
sounds like this might be a bad time to join (?..)

Looks like my CPM has been increasing last two days… on 5/6 it smartwall was at a disgusting $.025, I have seen through the week a slow climb but today has bounced back to $.92 which is still on the low end but at least its increasing. Hope I didn’t jinx myself here.