Airpush CPM drops significantly from May?

My best app(1st place at Free Classic games(Russia) in google play)
over 200k smartwall impressions and cpm is $0.43
i submitted ticket for this issue.They replied " Your CPM largely depends upon the advertising campaigns served through your app and the geographic distribution bla bla bla…"
the app ranked in 22 countries…
$0.43 cpm for getting zillions of virus feedbacks
maybe admob would be better.At least there would not be be virus messages

I am really afraid that if I had 200k impressions, my CPM would be $0.0001.
Today, it drops without any hope to rise…

And, also, does anyone get the notification “your smartwall is incorrectly installed”? I always used airpush.startSmartWallAd() for a long time, but today the dashboard shows that. I don’t know which was wrong, my app or the portal…

I just checked publisher panel and yes ECPM is dropping heavily day by day . For example on 1 May i had 2.2$ ecpm , then 1.25, today 0.8$ that’s lowest by now.
Hope it will get better .
One things that is interesting is that when ECPM goes down number of impressions always heavily rise ???

@john den
yes same situation for me , i am getting this warning regularly, but all my apps use startSmartWall()

It always says that for all my apps, when I have checked many times and I’m definitely only calling airpush.startSmartWallAd(). Buggy system.

CPM of 0.45 today. It seems many advertisers paused their campaign :confused:

$0.33 for smartwall. What a joke. Probably time to switch to appbucks.

same to me.

And it seems we cannot use appbucks and airpush simultaneously for one app?

As far as I know all that affects is weekly payments, otherwise there are no issues?

Continues to be horrible. I don’t buy their story of advertisers not bidding enough or stopped campaigns. Mobile is the growing market right now with upto 200%+ spend growth seen on Q to Q basis. Being a large affiliate myself, I know for sure people are spending money and capping their credit cards. There is no reason for this low CPM.

A quick question, If we update our app with a new Ad provider say, Appbucks, will all the existing users will be shown new appbucks EULA or its ignored for existing users. On my phone, when I check my app updates, airpush doesnt always show EULA for updates.

Anyone can confirm?

I have had horrible CPM for a few days already (about $0.15). I hope it gets fixed soon…

Here are the stats for yesterday:

What are the alternatives for a SmartWall-type advertising network?

Damn man, I’ve seen some bad CPMs in my day from Airpush, but you take the cake. You might as well be running banner ads as opposed to Smartwall. That’s insane. I’m sorry they’re doing that to you.

HAHAHAH Oh you have no idea, If I posted my CPMs you guys would puke :wink: try <10 cents then come complain to me.


Actually I’m a mobile advertiser / developer …I’ve been in this online stuff for 5+ years now…Now their excuse for advertisers lowering their budget and CPC is true BUT not as much as AP makes it out to be…let’s do some math, 1k impressions = 10 cents for me on AP so from 1k impressions they prob get like 70-120 clicks x 0.05 cents a click which is prob the lower end of things so their making $4.50 roughly (probably more) from 1k impressions and then giving us a cheap few cents.

If you get less than $0.1 eCPM even adMob is better, and it doesn’t get you pissed off users. :wink:

Fuuuuuck. That sucks man…you need to create a couple other accounts under your friends/families names. They’re capping the shit out of you.

You’re DEFINITELY being capped man.

The issue has nothing to do with less advertising. My push and icon ad eCPMs are still the same as before. And I doubt smartwall just stopped working for advertisers over night. It’s either a bug or Airpush’s new found greed.

I’m new to mobile advertisement and to this forum, so first of all i’d like to say hello:) I started with airpush in my app 10 days ago and i’m deeply dissapointed. For few last days i had ecpm like 0.06 on smartwall, and 0.30 on push ads. Will it ever change for better? I guess it’s not normal situation? How often do they have “problems” like this? I received negative feedback after i implemented airpush and i earned (almost) nothing. It sucks. Do you know better smartwall and push solutions from other companies? Can you share your current ecpm and fillrate from i.e. appbucks and appbrain?

My personal opinion is this and I could be way off - - - I notice that Ruben’s apps have been banned from the market, I too have had apps that were suspended and even though people still used these apps the cpm goes way down, mostly likely because the new users are more likely to click on new ads, maybe??? With Sendroid, when your app stops getting new downloads, the cpm literally drops to between 30-50 cents from $1 cpm overnight, don’t know if that’s an automatic thing or not but the lesson is try to keep your apps live on the market because even your existing users on a suspended or banned app seem to be worth less.