Airpush CPM drops significantly from May?

Hi all,

This is my 2nd month with airpush.
April, my cpm is acceptable: around $4, maximum value of $5, minimum value is $3. My app is targeting to Asian users, so I do not expect much CPM though.
However, from May, it drops to just $1. Smartwall comes to $0.7.
My impressions grow significantly for those days (even 80%), but the revenue decreases.
Do you think that airpush adjusts the CPM so that the revenue stays the same while the impressions increase much?
So, do you think what may happen after just 1 day? Or this is just normal from the 2nd month of usage?

CPM 1.4 yesterday. Impression were more than usual. Revenue decreased. This is happening every once or twice in a week.

Last Month CPM 2.74

Their ECPM fluctuates with me day by day, but sometimes they get adjusted afterwards. There’s a lot of people who believe they artificially adjust data, but I haven’t experienced anything unusual like that yet.
Just read through previous threads.

Now it’s 0.55 CPM. It’s the same as my Admob.
It’s getting worse and worse now.

My CPM has been $0 in all April! What should I do?

Last month 2-4$ cpm today 1,25$ avarage 0,7$-08$ smartwall

Yeah. Noticed too. May CPM’s are lower than April.

I think you’d better ask them directly.
I have asked and they told they’d send me a document concerning the CPM. But nothing received by now.

Of course, I asked them for nearly a month, but they always said there was a technical team to work for it

I actually have the reverse …April I had lower CPM, May is starting off well with pretty decent CPM, hoping it stays this way.

Its only the first week of May…hopefully CPM will pick up for you guys.

HAHAHA @ All you guys crying over $1 ECPM…Try $0.09 cents and then come talk to me. Airpush…Did Admob buy you guys? Seriously, Your turning into them.

Thanks airpush for royally screwing me over, I made more money when I sent 10x less the traffic. Assholes.

This is because they cap how much any one developer can earn. They adjust the numbers so you can only make so much money from X number of downloads. Just open more accounts under different names and cap them all out ;). The first “cap” you will hit is around $400/day. Once an account hits $4-500/day, QUIT adding new apps and more installs, it’s a waste. Make a new account & cap it out, etc.

Welcome to Airpush my friend ;). I’d love to tell you it’ll get better, but it only gets worse. You’ve just experienced what I like to call “Airpush Math”. Take what you should be making (using actual logic) and divide that number by 4…much like their network-wide Daily Average CPM ($4.04), go ahead and divide that bitch by 4 also…BOOM you have your new Average cpm $1.04.

Next, let’s calculate your daily installs that you can expect in the Airpush Dashboard. You’d expect this number to be similar to how many installs you actually get on a daily basis. Wrong. Let’s do the Airpush Math. Here’s the formula for this calculation: Your Daily Installs * Airpush Install Modifier (also known as the number ZERO). Let me do the math for you:

10,000 daily installs * 0 (AIM) = 0

Yep, that’s right, you can always expect your Airpush dashboard to accurately show the number 0 for daily installs. They share this accurate data with their developers because they care about you more than any other network.

Want some more? Let’s calculate your fill rate. Now we all know that fill rate is the percentage of ad requests filled during a time period. If you’ve got your apps set to push twice per day, and you have 1000 active installs, the math should be easy. Let’s do it together now:

1000 Active installs should request 2 ads each per day = 2000 impressions (requests for ads). Easy!
Oh…but wait…my app with 1000 installs only has 300 requests in a given day…hmmmm that’s really weird! That can’t be right…OH YEAH! I forgot I was doing Airpush Math! Let’s check the correct formula!

1000 Active Installs * 0.15 (Airpush Fill Rate Modifier) * 2 pushes per day = 300 Requests! DUUUHHHHHHH

See guys, it’s easy to do Airpush Math when you have the correct formulas to work with! I hope that cleared things up for you newer guys working with Airpush. Isn’t this fun!

Every ad network has their own “tricks”… I’m not sticking up for Airpush but other networks are just as bad if not even worse. Personally I’ve made most revenue with Airpush than the other networks I’ve used in the past.


Please send me a private message so I can personally look into your account and diagnose to see what is going on. Just to be clear, we do not artificially adjust our data.


Please PM me your account info as well so I can see whats going on with your account. If you have 1000 active installs and set 2 ads per day and you’re only getting 300 ad requests there is an issue. Let me diagnose your account/apps.


The users have to agree to an eula right? This might account for some of the daily pushes not equalling active installs. People are probably catching on more and more to the advertising eulas and not accepting them.

With Airpush it does not matter whether or not the user agrees to the EULA. They agree to it by downloading the app. The will get ads either way.

I have to agree with that ,
specially the new installs figure , it is showing zeros for over a month now , and they said it is a technical issue and they are working on it ,there is nothing in earth cannot be fixed in more than one month … you would have build a new portal by this time

I have to agree with that ,
specially the new installs figure , it is showing zeros for over a month now , and they said it is a technical issue and they are working on it ,there is nothing in earth cannot be fixed in more than one month … you would have build a new portal by this time