your income for 20k daily users

i have 20k daily active users with avg session time 30 mins 35% of the traffic comes from India and middle east countries
here is my avg daily revenue status
Fill rate : 92.22%
Ecpm : 0.43$
Refresh rate : 30 secs
Revenue: 98$

revenue :$15.73

Mobilecore for only 7k users
revenue : $2.94

total about 118$

i kinda feel its little in compare with other ad networks
What do you think?

Hi there,
Did you collect your revenue from Admob?

How are the ads implemented? Specifically Admob and MobileCore? I am getting over twice the revenue with the same amount of active users with an average time spent on the app of 30 seconds.

I do not understand these numbers if you have 20 000 daily active users and 30 minutes average session and 30 seconds refresh rate then it is 60 impressions per user or 1 200 000 impressions daily but in your report there is only 200K impressions? In my opinion eCPM around a dollar is very low for app wall, give a try to some other app walls there is a plenty of them at the moment.

Didn’t he mention India and middle east? $0.43 from admob and $0.63 from mobile core is the maximum they can give for this region. Even networks like mmedia, vserv, airpush and leadbolt won’t be able to match that ecpm for these regions.

My advice: go and code some app targeted for US users. Even EU ecpm is less than US.

i use admob banner in my main 2 activies and mobilecore slider and interstitial ads with appbrain interstitial ads too

Okay well I have admob banners spread across the entire of my app, 50 second refresh time. Yesterday this got
103,684 impressions,
1.01% CTR,
$0.67 RPM.

I also run two interstitials with admob, one appears at the start of the app and the other appears at the exit of the app either by pressing the exit button or the back button.
The start interstitial yesterday had
50,712 impressions,
4.54% CTR,
$1.54 RPM.

Then the closing interstitial,
58,937 impressions,
1.64% CTR,
$0.79 RPM.

All this together gave me revenue of $200.43 from admob alone yesterday.

My MobileCore stats are nowhere near as good, I run interstitial/app wall when users select something from the main menu, I average between 30-50 dollars a day with them however I am still new with them and still trying to find the best way to implement it.

I’ve never had good experience with AppBrain except for tracking my installs, but now I use google analytics I find myself visiting the site less and less. May I ask what your app does? Maybe some more information could help us figure out why you are so popular in India. It is probably a mixture of the location of your users plus poor implementation of the ads. Can I also ask how many daily downloads you get?

How many downloads need to get 20k daily user?

I’m on 10k+ daily weekdays and 16k+ daily weekends.

impressive results you are doing very well with admob interstitial ads but it seems that you got more active users than mine you got about 60k from closing interstital which about 60k daily active users my apps based on personalization and my daily download about 10k i might give a try with admob + appbrain interstitial ads together since they are the most stable revenue in ad networks. my experience with mobilecore so far the revenue is not stable and it ranges from 1$ to 5$

i know that these countries got low ecpm but i don’t know why most of my traffic from these countries my apps are suitable for all users in all countries

Perhaps my users are loading up several times? I think my interstitial is at a 10 second reset. But I can guarantee you I don’t get 60k active users!
I generally get a few thousand more active users than my daily downloads according to google analytics:

New Users: 11,639 - Active Users: 17,627
New Users: 17,862 - Active Users: 26,603

I would recommend using a start interstitial with AdMob as that is by far my top performing source of revenue across all platforms at the moment!

When you say personalisation do you mean to personalise your handset?
If so is there anything specific about the options that would attract Indian users over US/Rest of the world?

yes personalise your handset.
i still don’t know what is so attractive in my apps for Indian users i know middle east users like my apps cause i translated all my apps to arabic.

Do you have any other apps that do well in the US? Or do you have any friends who develop who are successful in the US? It might be worth adding a small advert like an icon somewhere within a different app that links to the store page for your app. I have done this with mine and linked to all my other apps, this has seen the downloads double or tipple.

How do you show an admob interstitial at startup - since it requires some time to download ?

Or do you prefetch it and just make sure it is shown as soon as it is available ?

Load it in onCreate and display it once your first menu has loaded. That’s how I do it anyway!

I have a splash screen at the start of the app which you “Click to Continue” before you get to any menus, I display an interstitial at this point.

I am at $0.02 per DAU, so it would be $400 per 20k DAU… i got to admit, I am surprised at these results, I have clever monetization strategy in my app (its not a game either)

Mine is pretty much like Toxic’s: $0.02 per DAU. Each DAU spends on average 42min per day on my game.

Edit: So, answering the topic’s question, 20k DAU would bring $400 per day.

My revenue per DAU (Daily Active User) is about 1/10 what toxic/rottz are reporting.

And that makes sense because my “Session Length” is about 1/10 of theirs - since mine are relatively novelty type apps so far - and theirs are games with a devoted base that sticks around playing the game.

So that illustrates the value of having a “highly engaging” game which not only brings people back to play the game (which would raise DAU) and higher retention (fewer uninstall the app), but also longer playing time - meaning ads get more eyeball-time.