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Hi guys,

I’m posting mobile game reviewes for free. All you have to do is send me game review/description and few images. Check the details here:

First month update:
In the first month had 600+ unique visitors with avarage time on site of 02:44. Site also has 10k+ links from trusted sites (high PR) and is starting to rank in google on android games related keywords. Links I post to your games are normal links (so you get all the SEO juice) and review is gonna stay free forever so it will work for you for years to come. Games don’t have to be new or freshly released - all I require is a few screens and at lest 1000 characters long description.

Only for games? How about apps?

Sorry, only games or games-related apps.

Hi Michal,

I’ve got a game I’m releasing in about 3 days (Sunday,6th April here in Australia) so there is no listing in the store as yet. Are you able to do a blog post on/near release?
If so let me know I’ll send you what’s needed.


Sure - you can even give me specific date/time when it’s supposed to be published with 1 minute precision.

Here is first posted review: Falling Rabbits

I tried to email you with the details but it gets rejected?

Are you sure you used correct adress? Alternatively speak to me on skype: bronsoner.x

games-related apps… does my GW2 app qualify for that?

Yes it does.

Here is second review from this froum: Whack a Mayor

Just a quick shoutout to
Happy with your service, got my article posted when specified.

For those interested in what your post could look like, just see example below of my App 10Up below.

10up ? android puzzle gameSold Game - Mobile Game Development and Reviews | Sold Game - Mobile Game Development and Reviews

Thanks for this information. I benefited for your tips.

Another review: Blackjack SG Free

New review: Guess the App

How many daily readers do you have?

Thanks Bronsoner! Looks awesome!

It’s a fresh blog so not many yet, but the number will increase. Older reviews are already indexed in google on some android games related keywords.

New Review: Eternal Dreams

15th game review: Foobit