Your experience with AppFlood

I started using AppFlood yesterday, after only 24 hours my revenue is at $58, and that sounds too good to be true!

I’m displaying their full screen ads when the user close my app, the ad is displayed with a 50% chance.

In the last 24 hours I had 4k impressions and around 400 clicks.

Are there anyone else here who uses AppFlood here? Are you satisfied with them, how often do they pay, etc?

My app

$58 in 24 hours is a really great success with Appflood since I’m only getting around $4 - $7 daily. The minimum payout is $100 & you can request for payment once the threshold value is reached. Within a week you’ll receive your payment ( thru paypal ).

So far, I could say that Appflood is a CPI based ad network worth intergrating with my apps (non games) and the payment process is fairly fast & efficient

I did several tries with AppFlood and although they are good with Games they suck with normal Apps, i gave 2 tries between 2 months pause. And i am not the first one to notice this problem. Man i really wished they worked for me

That’s not only the problem with appflood, I had the same experience with banner ads and different ad networks. E.g. ppl who used my tool apps, never paid attention to game ads.

Yep that´s because it´s a different audience, i contacted AppFlood about this, until they show ads revelant for people that are looking for normal Apps they will never perform well. Man, i get better results with AppBrain then with AppFlood

I am also looking for some trusted smartwall/interstitial ad network for normal apps. So far using applovin and airpush.
applovin is reporting $0 ecpm
airpush $1.86

Will also try appbrain now.

Yes I’ve had the same experience as for1x is saying. No matter what network I try, my utility apps have terrible ctr / ecpm compared to my game apps.

There is a reason for that. Utility apps are used more often (repeat users) compared to short life of games. Games have short life so that ads you are using are not seen as many times by users.

Ok, here’s the weird part. A couple of hours after I posted this post, the revenue stopped at $63 and it has been there for the last 3 days, so either it’s a bug, or they are screwing me around, because the ads are still displayed, even though their stats have stalled.

Can be a lot things, ask them about that and tell us what they answer to you. They look like professionals but there is always but…

I have been contacted by a representative after posting, they should be investigating this…

I’ll keep you posted.

Neither it’s a bug nor they are screwing u around. Since AppFlood is a CPI based ad network, a revenue is counted when there’s an install for the promoted apps regardless the numbers of ads’ impressions we received. As for mine, after withdrawing the

money on 24/06/2013, the number keeps growing to $55+ till this moment.

Sounds like a logical explanation to me, but it doesn’t explain why the number of impressions has stalled as well…

Hi Solidsnake,

Has the situation evolved since your last post?

I’ve signed with appflood some weeks ago for a new application (publishing and advertising).
I’ve started an ad campaign in order to promote my app what worked well.

As my app had 0 installation at the beginning, I wasn’t surprised not to have revenue installations. I saw the impressions begin to grow and have several clicks. From my side I had an internal log that allowed me to roughly estimate the number of impressions but not clicks or installations. The installations remained between 0 most of the days with sporadic 1 or 2 what seemed normal.

But one day I’ve had a dashboard full of 0 (impressions, clicks, installations) on the publishing side while everything ok on the advertising side. I knew that was wrong because my internal log showed several impressions.

That day (about 2 weeks ago) I decided to perform a test. I’ve executed a few installations myself from my app to see if they appeared on the dashboard… They didn’t.

I contacted the support who came up with some not very convincing explanations on why the installations wouldn’t appear. I asked more precisions while stating that none of those explanations would fit my case but I’ve never got an answer (that was about 10 days ago).

Since then I’ve continued to make some tests by doing some installs and most of the time they not appear on my dashboard.

My conclusion is that they are screwing me. They say they don’t take a commission. I begin to think that their business is to cash some of the installations from the advertisers without declaring them to the publisher. When you are a big publisher with many installations you’ll not see the difference and you cannot not discover the problem. But when you are a small one it’s easy to identify it.

Of course, I’m already thinking on changing to other ad program but I’d like to know if someone has come to the same problems with Appflood.

Thanks for your help.


Hi Solidsnake, I hope your problem got worked out already. If not, please get in touch.

Nick, I’m sorry to hear that you are having this trouble with AppFlood. I’ve asked the support team to follow up with you by email, but meanwhile here’s one possibility for what’s happening: AppFlood features ad network mediation, so some of the ads are coming at you from 3rd party providers. They use their own tracking methods and it’s possible that they missed something.

Fortunately, it’s easy to check this and control it yourself. On the Analytics and Control page under the publishing menu, you can see all the advertisers that might show in your app. Change one of the columns to show “demand side platform” and see where the apps you installed are coming from. If you find that one network is performing badly, you can block it.

Here’s more info on how to compare networks with AppFlood mediation and blocking advertisers.

If that doesn’t turn out to be the problem I’m sure the support team can come up with some other possibilities.

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Yes it’s all good now, thanks! :slight_smile:


If you could explain what just happened there - you saw where your traffic was going, and some of that was not giving right stats and you blocked that etc. … !?

It seems like those stats were delayed, after a while it returned to normal, it generates a pretty decent revenue , but cannot compete with admob, at least in my reading app.

My experience has been that I should stay away from CPI networks. They never worked for me. Its like an affiliate program of amazon/clickbank where you drive them sales.
I always prefer impressions/clicks based networks. Check Leadbolt, they seem to have some new ad units like video/audio/overlay ads. I am still to get a reply from leadbolt with list of all of there impression/click based ad units.

Though not directly associated with appflood, but I have noticed that users don’t like to see ads from same ad networks. Its good to have three ads from three different ad networks on a screen than having similar looking ads from same ad network

But aren’t all ad networks essentally “averaging it out” in some way or other - i.e. some call it by the install, while others may average it out and call it by the “impressions” (just divide and say they are “paying you that eCPM” whatever) ?

Your point about same interstitials appearing maybe valid - because sometimes the ad network only has same type of ads over and over again - AppFlood and others maybe an example - though I think with AppFlood I have seen them having (for the AppWall) - 5 ads - and then if you show the interstitial version - it just rotates between those. However 5 ads is ok - since user may not be using app that long.

However if on next use of your app the SAME ads appear that might reduce revenue potential.

Another thing I have noticed (also pointed out by AppFlood representative above) is that many times the SAME app ad appears from many different ad networks - for example some app which is being heavily promoted by it’s publishers maybe advertising wherever they can.

Or if they pay high - then each ad network may highlight it - and thus the whole ad space is hogged by that one ad for a day or so (I think etc. had some language like they gave their entire ad space to some ad campaign etc. - so this probably goes on). On THOSE days you will get much less revenue - since you will not have much novelty in the ads you show to your users (I am guessing).