Why You Shall Support Non-GP App Stores & Non-Admob Ad Networks

First of all, I’m not an artist, so I express my point of view by typing letters and ugly combined symbols.

Here’s my prediction:
All dev use GP---------﹥all users use GP-------------﹥GP alive, other stores all dead------------﹥GP can make any rule,like dev can only use admob-------------﹥admob’s alive, other ad networks all dead------------﹥admob can offer you any price-------------﹥ admob’s alive,some of dev may dead because of hunger

well,stay cool, I’m not saying GP and admob surely will do so, but all we should know some of human nature.

Once again, I take Chinese examples, recommend you global guys learn some Chinese news cause in some areas, China is isolated from the world, some of you know Chinese internet is in fact a huge local area network, strictly blocked, so China and the world, at a certain extend , are 2 isolated worlds, if you want to predict the future trend, check China first, you can see it as a big laboratory, the same as Chinese seeing you.

Ok, cut the crap, here’s examples:
Example 1: Chinese’s biggest anroid app market demand developers use a certain ad SKD before upload their app.
Title’s long, content’s simple, just as the title said. Here is one developer’s complain, link:
Android??? - Android??? - ??? - Android?? - ??? - ???
written by Chinese letters, can use google translate to check.

Example 2: How I become a “diaosi”(just google what’s diaosi mean)
You can never imagine English major is how popular 10 years ago. That time a student graduated from English major is a top talent, have best job, highest salary, so look what’s the situation now, they are crap, or diaosi in Chines. Today the English major bachelor get an average US$350 monthly salary, so why? Cause during the 10 years, too many English bachelors graduated from college, swarm into the HR market and find out there’s not enough, or far from enough occupations for them, easy explain is: imbalance of supply and demand.

Ok, example’s finished, though I can argue: ”I’m just an English student, I can’t influence the HR market.” But now, you guys, have the right to vote what’s your future looks like.
Though when I graduate, I’m hesitating on whether join a stable and big company or a small but potential company. But now, you guys, can invest in both baskets.
So in order to avoid becoming a Chinese English bachelor, in order to avoid becoming a “diaosi”, here I appeal, share some of your attention on other app market, share some of your attention on other ad networks, especially mine, here’s its introduction link:

I am not quite following your prediction. Mobile monetization is a really competitive world out there. Even Apple with the tight and closed ecosystem is not forcing only the use of iAd. Developers SHOULD monetize out of Google Play too. There are thousands o stores out there. However entering markets like for example Chinese market demands really careful study of that market. Just localising your app with Chinese or using an ad network for that does not monetize your app properly and it does not open a new world of opportunities. Localisation must be done with clear awareness of the market you are getting into! Users may be offended even from some words or expressions if you do not do this right. Also depending on culture of the market even colours or structure/look of the app must be changed for such stores and geographic areas. To sum app, you should target other stores too. Targeting Chinese stores must be done very carefully to invest on retention and quality of the app in order to bring the appropriate ROI. Jumping into just another store, is usually a firework that may burn your app reputation or just be a short term way to make some money.

Entering in chinese market is very very difficult. Outsiders even can’t open account. that is why Google monopoly is strong.

Thank you for your feedback.

First of all, I don’t know if I made the wrong guess, seems like you thought I’m inviting developers into Chinese market, I don’t mean that. I made this thread to persuade developers putting more attention on other ad networks and app stores outside China.
Plus for my job, my target users are also outside China, external market.

And why I make the above prediction, I summed up some reason:

  1. When posting the ad network introduction, frequently I get this kind of reply ”it’s not compliant with GP policy”, while it’s compliant with most other app store’s policy, can I say this is a kind of Technology barrier? Many people subconsciously treat GP as the king and all shall obey his rules, I think this is not an effective competition, and it’s not far from monopoly.

  2. Only attitude of mine: I think moral cleanliness is not a good trait if somebody want to make money, TV shall never show advertisement if they really care user’s experience, for this somebody may say there’s no ad TV, well but it has a higher price, so at least they don’t care poor user’s experience. So is the App ad, if we really care the users’ feeling, we shall also remove smart-wall-in ad, that banner also make me annoyed, but why GP allow this, cause GP people need to eat, plus if developers and app store don’t use advertise, means they don’t care their own and their family’s stomach’s experience.

  3. I don’t know many details for Apple, but I think its situation is different, Apple is mainly a hardware provider, plus its hardware’s price is pretty high, I asked some of my friends before, some of them have little knowledge about smart phone, they said they choose Iphone cause it’s much cleaner than Android phone, and that’s one of the main reasons they use apple hardware though its price’s much higher, they think they paid much more so worth to be treated as non-ad clients. I think they never know there is an IAD exists.

  4. So till now in my mind, there’s just one solution for ad or non-ad-------pay to remove the ad or tolerate it as free user. I think the ad should not be judged like “my advertisement form is more noble so will not harass the user”, no, you already did.

  5. About localization, when I first enter this industry, I imagine for each country there is 1 or more leading App stores, just like China, that time I thought GP is just for USA market. So before taking this job I’ve already made my strategy---------to avoid incompliant with GP, my first target markets will be India, Brazil, Russia cause they have large populations. But I’m totally wrong, GP now is the leading one, and is the only superpower.

  6. Plus I oppose developers into Chinese app market before it’s more orderly,now it’s really a chaos.

Right, i heard even need a Chinese ID to open account.

Actually quite a number of members in this forum using other ad networks and app stores. The problem is very hard to find one, that has even 1% population compared to Play.

Mind to tell why it’s chaos in China app market?

Very hard to get installs outside of google play, but then again its hard to get them on google so unless you spam or copyright or have huge $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ then its a lose lose for most devs.

About China app market, some of them(especially for market platforms have most install quantity) started to restrict developers to use certain ad networks before putting their App in store, surely this ad network is owned by the market platform or signed exclusive contract between them. And because the developers don’t have more ad network choices, they have to tolerate the low price.

Plus lots of piracy, especially for individual developers , cause their resources are limited, so when their App is cracked, they may choose to ignore cause they can’t afford the legal cost.