Which app do you prefer for the protection of your Android Mobile?

I want to have an advanced security lock for my Galaxy S5. Does anybody knows of any such app which can provide me the high level security for my Galaxy S5?

Yes I Know, you can try Leo Privacy Guard for hiding your personal stuffs and also it can lock various applications. It also grant fingerprint unlocking system just try it.

Try Leo Privacy Guard

I suggest you to try Leo Privacy Guard that can secure you phone and data and also keep your phone safe from annoying snoopers and prying eyes. Girlfriend/boyfriend is trying to go through all your SMS and call log, when you’re in the shower. Parents/kids are curious about your gallery and FB status.

Leo Privacy Guard! It lets you hide all sorts of files and also apps. I am a user of quality apps and I highly recommend you to use this app. It provides a solid protection system for your device. I myself use this app and it has way more features than you can find on any other app of it’s sort. Give it a try and be surprised! :wink:

There are so many application available in market like

LEO Privacy Guard - Lock&Boost
CM Security Antivirus AppLock
Smart AppLock (App Protector)

but i think LEO Privacy Guard is best have 999,000 + Downloads and even good review i think you should go with that

i agree with LEO Privacy Guard it is good to use i even use it in my phone

leomaster privacy app…it protects from all

I am using Leo privacy also :wink:
It also has a great feature where if you put the wrong password your phone automatically takes a photo of you :wink:

As others have suggested, you should definitely go with Leo Privacy Guard.

Here are a few features that I really like about it…

  1. App Locking. Self explanatory. It allows you to lock your applications so that only you have access.

  2. Ability to hide photos, contacts, phone calls, videos, etc. Very nice to have.

  3. Snooper-selfie. This is just awesome. It’s a built in feature that takes a photo when a potential security breech is detected. That way you can come back later and see who has been snooping in your phone.

  4. Advanced protection modes. This basically allows you to quickly switch between privacy modes on your phone. So if your friend wants to borrow your phone then you can quickly switch it to “friend mode”. Before giving your phone to your child you can quickly switch it to the mode set for this purpose. A very convenient feature.

There are So many Apps available in market you should select any of them which you like the most here is a list

Smart AppLock (App Protector)
AppLock 2 (Smart App Protect)


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You forgot about Leo Privacy Guard. :slight_smile:

That’s my personal favorite.

I use LEO Privacy Guard. Most useful app.

Awesome! Yeah Leo Privacy Guard is definitely the best one out there as of yet.

Which feature is your favorite?

Well its simple to minimize the risk of encountering malware, and we have got 5 simple mobile security tips right here.
I dowload the security app Lookout to catch those pesky phone viruses.
Lookout will scour your phone or tablet for any existing malware, and also examine every new app you download to ensure it is safe. But even before you let Lookout scan your newly downloaded app, you should only download apps from sites you trust, the way to check the ratings, read reviews to make sure they are widely used and respected.

Is this free available?

CM security , Leo Privacy guard , avast antivirus… CC cleaner so much to choose from google play…

Awesoem!! great topic i just wanted to add more info about the app and also the download links :slight_smile:
Its a all-in-one suite for privacy.

It Includes features as

Strong AppLock to Lock up Apps
Convenient Privacy Scan to Locate Loophole
Safe Box to Hide Private Photo & Video
WiFi Security to Secure Network Safety

Its a all in one app to protect your Phone.

Thanks for the suggestion, I used Leo Privacy and found it quite promising. Thanks everyone again.