Where to get iOS App Reviews?

Hey guys,
I bought some 5/5 iOS app reviews at Fiverr but they didn’t stick and got removed after 1 day so I got refunded.
Has anyone personally had experience buying iOS reviews effectively anywhere?
Don’t post your own services, and please let me know.

Hi! I also bought reviews at Fiverr about a month ago. That reviews were removed in 3 days. I am also looking for an alternative way to get more positive reviews and downloads now. If find something I will tell you

Yeah I bought from this one: https://www.fiverr.com/fowleh/promote-your-ios-apps-with-11-five-star-ratings-and-reviews it is not to be trusted, robot reviews.

Any more input?

There is a service ReviewsMotion | Get free reviews for your apps where people exchange reviews, it works very well


Unfortunately, didn’t like mentioned service, because received 2 negative reviews.

Just ordered IOS app reviews Will write later if I like it.

I don’t think buying reviews from one seller will solve the problem. Rather try to get reviews from different people who are using apple device. I am quite sure in that case the reviews will stick.

you can contact me for reviews.

check it out

The new app usually has 50 promote codes from Apple when being released. You can trade the codes for a review, such as forums, Twitter and Facebook. These users tend to be write positive reviews even your app is just so so. That’s how I DO iOS app reviews.

Well, it’s time to write Buy App Reviews and Ratings for iOS and Android | App-Reviews.org review. It was exactly what I hoped for! Even more! I received 23 five star ratings, 21 positive reviews and 20 App installs. Service was completed in one week. So every day I were receving 2-3 reviews, ratings and installs. I am very satisfied with work provided. Recommend!

You could use a free service too, like Reviewsmotion.

You can get free iOS reviews.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

ReviewsMotion | Get free reviews for your apps


I recently wrote an article on this topic, maybe you`ll find it useful https://medium.com/@comboapp/how-to-improve-your-app-s-ranking-with-positive-reviews-and-a-higher-rating-5-simple-steps-5cf244d64aaa#.kbj6s7a2n

I bought a package from Buy Android or iTunes app ratings and reviews - Buy app Reviews a month ago and the reviews are still holding up.

anyone found places where reviews dont get dropped???

You need to submit your app in app review sites and i hope there you can gets best review in sites…

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Tryreviewapp4u, which can guarantee that your app is absolutely 100% reviewed by real app users.

Hi! The App Store will crack down against fake app reviews by deleting them. The key is to make sure your reviews are from real users who will download apps and then make comments.

However, for newly-launched apps, there is a slim possibility that your users will make comments spontaneously. You can try to send requests for app reviews. When prompting requests, you should consider the good timing to alleviate the interruption. When will be the right moment to avoid such friction? App developers should trigger users to leave feedback when they complete a mission in a game or purchase any paid service. It’s proven they are interested in your app and they are more willing to give your app positive reviews.

Beside, you can leverage your social circle.Set up a contest to reward top 3 persons who make the best positive reviews with gifts or paid functions or services for free in your app. It’s essential to make the contest transparent, at least who are the contestants and how you select the winners. It’s not “asking for” but “inviting” them to win something in exchange of giving positive reviews. Everyone loves free stuff, so they are more likely to give your app positive reviews for reward.

Simple patterns like “good”, “excellent” only put your apps at risks to be punished. For users, they won’t trust either. Only high-quality can approach your problem.

If you want to increase app reviews at a short term, an effective solution is to[b][b] buy app reviews[/b][/b] from a reliable and well-reputed company to get high-quality reviews from genuine users.