What is the best performing ad networks?

I see a lot of different ad networks are performing so bad but from your experience what is the best performing ad networks you work with?

We are using Pollfish → Admob → Airpush and mobilecoreat app exit

Thank you Romel
waiting to see what other people use

Admob banner+interstitial, mC interstitial, appnext offerwall.

I think Geos plays an important role in the performance of the network,if most of your traffic come from Southeast Asia or South Asia,you can try Mobvista

startapp ans appnext for interstitial
avocarrot for native ads
mobilecore earlier now I put out

How has avocarrot been working for you? Been thinking about trying them out…

I use startapp and chartboost

Mobvista was the best performing network for me (middle east traffic) but since 1/1/2015 the results become so bad and very low earnings with same traffic

As you know,Admob sucks this year,so the performance is not so good because of mediation,thanks for your support

It depends on what you mean by “best performing”

Do you just want money? Every ad network say they will have the best eCPMs on the market. All 5912 of them.

I’d say we’re the only ad network that turns ad into freaking games. Players love us, maybe yours will too. demo.unlockable.com

I will give it a try

Avocarrot are good
I like money they pay and support

are you happy of startapp ?

How is appnext working for you? Could you share your stats and earnings? Thanks

I’m using startapp but the ecpm is so low.

My app was rejected by Apple using Mobilecore because Mobile core framework scrapes users phone for installed apps.

For me Appnext are the best - $3-$5 eCPM. But that deosn’t mean it will be the same for you.

If I were a new developer, knowing what I know now - I would test 3 networks on the same placement from this list:
admob (but they don’t allow interstitial on app launch. Major problem)
MobileCore (although they cheat you in the eCPM count. Still not a bad service).

Compare revenues, not only eCPM, and you’ll be fine.

Another factor to consider would be the ad model. CPM , CPC , CPI , CPA etc.
For some apps, it seems certain model favor itself more. This can only be verified by really testing the ad network out integrating their SDK.

Completely agree. That why I offered a mix of networks with various models - Appnext (CPI), Admob (CPM), MC (mixed),etc

In the end, it’s all about the money. More revenue is the key.

I agree - test as many networks as you can, there is no “one size fits all” apps. Use mediation

The best network is Appodeal, a mediation network with over 10 integrated ad providers and you only have to register for Appodeal, not for each one of them, too.

They offer Interstitials and Video Interstials, Banners are coming soon

With their high eCPM and fillrate, you can really push your business by far! For my case I switched from Admob (1.7$ eCPM) to Appodeal(~8$ eCPM),
which means my income is 4 times as high as before.

Admob had many dropdowns, where the eCPM was at 0.3$ or simiar which is really a pain!

Appodealoffers immediate daily payouts with PayPal, Wired transfers and even Bitcoin if you wish.

You should definately give it a try and Signup

Are you sure that you are not virtual praise account for appodeal?

i think you must open new account now. developers have started suspecting for overpraise for same screenshot.

please share new revenue screenshot in another account.

Yes, I´m just a customer :wink: