What are the Best Mobile Ad Networks for Developers?

What are the Best Mobile Ad Networks for Developers now? I think Startapp very bad for now . pls help me for choose another ad networks . Thanks

i’m also using startapp at this moment.
Have the same question, also you, guys, do you combine two or three app networks in one app or integrate their SDK seperately in each app? Thanks

A lot of developers use network mediation via mobfox, admob or others.

I am currently using applovin, appflood, leadbolt and adbuddiz in one of my app.

@dbest, you meant you are using all of these networks in one app.@@
or for each app, you integrate only one ad network.

4 in 1 app?

Leadbolt stats, very low revenue

Date App Name Views/Imps Clicks ECPM EPC CTR Revenue
09/30/2013 All Apps 52,957 1,220 $0.21 $0.01 2.30% $10.94

so whats left? It seems that everything is crap according to your opinions :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S I don’t wanna squeeze a lot of ad networks in an app, just one and good

Hi there @ndthaik1 !
A small correction for your signature: First 100K Impressions = $100 and not $50,
It’s you that getting $50 for referring them.

Admob is the best if you only want one. Just pray to the Algorithm God that you won’t get banned! :wink:

AdMob and maybe Appnext.

Sorry for jumping in.
I don’t know where Mobario stands, but this what we offer:
PPD → USA = $0.05 & non-USA = $0.01
Payment Terms: Net15 max (we also have weekly & bi-monthly)
We offer an unique user experience with our multi tasking widget.
Check us out and would to hear about your experience.

This is a much better way of promoting your network!
I actually might give you guys a try if you keep it up :wink:

Do you mean bi-weekly when you say “bi-monthly”?
I say this since you say net15 max, which is monthly once you receive your first payment. Bi-monthly would mean every two months, which is more than net15.

What weekly/bi-weekly revenues are required for these faster payments?

Hi @A1ka1inE,

Thank you for your positive feedback.
You are correct. I meant to say semi-monthly or in other words, twice a month!
For a developer to be paid at these intervals they must earn $500/day or $1000+/week. All other payments are Net15, which usually happen a few days earlier.

guys what do you think about Millennial Media? Is anyome using it?

@Mobario_Man, there should be a way by which user can hide/unhide the arrow. I see a lot of bad reviews on play store with users not able to hide it without uninstalling the up. If possible, add some config option or gesture to hide/unhide the arrow. It will make it much better for users, you and poor developer.

I’m getting decent eCPM (~$0.80) with mmedia for English speaking countries. Everything else is either zero or pathetic. And in the last seven days it has been constantly declining. Overall, I’d rank it second after Admob. Third on the list would be Mobfox, which works decently in Europe and some Asian countries.

Hey Guys,

If you guys have games and integrate AdBuddiz, you might get a change to get featured on Giftiz for free : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.purplebrain.giftiz
If you want to apply, feel free to send me a link to your game(s) on [email protected]

Besides that, AdBuddiz has been focused on android game monetization via clean ads for quite a while now :wink:
Some of our developers generate more than $10 in CPM.

I would say out of 3 newtworks I have used tapgage,mobpartner,and Leadbolt, Leadbolt is the best but only if you use their app walls. I never used their ingame AD’s but their appwalls seem to get decent downloads and clicks.

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