Websites to Promote your Android Games and Apps for Free

Excellent Video on How to Market Your Android Game or App



Here is my list of websites to go to promote


Android Apps and Games - xda-developers

For puzzle and brain games submit your game or app here

On facebook I use these groups

Facebook Android Review Exchange Groups

AD network that pays with solid EPCM

See the problem with promoting your app on forums is that you won’t really find your target audience there, its mostly developers there. Facebook, Twitter and other such social channels where your audience really like to visit are the places where people will listen to what you have to say. I’d say do a free Press Release. And better still, there are several app review sites who’ll review your app for free, if that happens, you can distribute the review fora broader coverage of your app. Here you can read this blog I wrote on app marketing

Nice info…

thx for the information…

Yes I read your blog but its more of an ADVERTISEMENT for your services. What I wrote down is free ways to promote your game or app.

If anyone has any other sites they use let me know.

Can you add my blog there too?
I post mobile game reviews for free


Ok I checked out your blog it looks good but where can developers contact you, there is no contact button. It needs to be a place where developers can get free promotion so if you can make it so developers can email you easier.

It’s in the forum thread [email protected] but I’ll make a post about it on blog as well.

Ok I will add it to the list then.

Updated info with video I made in the past that has some really good tips you never thought of.

Excellent method. You can try more ideas.

That video has suprisingly small number of views for the value of it’s content. You should defenetly make more.

I have more I will start posting them soon thanks for the like.

Hey Developers,

We recently came up with a solution to promote Android apps where the users are not disturbed by annoying ads. We created DappWall to promote your app efficiently and in an affordable way. We are freelance developers too and we’ve had enough of not having the possibility to promote an application without spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. With DappWall any of the apps can get in focus and not only the ones from the biggest developer companies.

We also created a topic here for more information.

Hope you guys give it a shot,

  • The DappWall Team

Please read the title its say promote for free!! Open your own thread about your paid service thank you!!

If anyone knows of a free service please post it and I will add it to the list.

Can you please change link to my blog to: Get your review on this blog | Sold Game - Mobile Game Development and Reviews

Done!! I changed the link.

Ok I have updated with another site that is developer friendly were you can post . If you know of any site that is developer friendly just let me know and I will add it to the list. Also if your a free review blog let us know we will add it too.