Ways to Market Your App?

# Options to promote an Android or iOS App

Besides the overall strategies, we would like to introduce you to some strategies that specifically apply to both Android and iOS apps.

## Android App Marketing

Connect your marketing campaign with Google Adwords! This online advertising tool by Google allows you to promote products via various ad formats, displayed on different channels. you’ll promote Android apps with it, too.

##### There are two campaign types you’ll choose from:

### Universal App Campaign

This option enables you to market Android apps via different ad formats and on several networks available by Google. Text and visual elements are taken from your app’s app store page (one more reason for ASO). This campaign type is predicated on a CPI bidding system, meaning you’ll choose what proportion you’re willing to buy users installing or opening your Android app. This way, you’ll promote your Android app and increase your marketing budget if the results are satisfying.

### Mobile App Installs Campaign

With such campaigns you simply target one network to get app installs. counting on the precise campaign model, you’ll choose from CPA, CPV, and CPI as your bidding choice to promote your Android app.

There are three different campaign models, each of them targeting another network:

  • Display network app installs campaigns (text or image app install ads)
  • Search network app installs campaigns (text app installs ads on)
  • TrueView for app installs campaigns (video ads on YouTube)

According to your Android app promotion strategy and your audience , you’ll select the campaign type that most closely fits your needs. With Google’s bidding system, you’ll adjust it to your current marketing budget. Click here for more information about mobile app installs campaigns with Google AdWords.

## iOS App Marketing

Apple offers two options for your app marketing:

### Search Ads

With Search Ads, iOS app developers are ready to place their app on top of search results. Since quite half app downloads are generated through search within the App Store, this is often one great opportunity to market your iOS app more effectively.

With its self-service dashboard, creating an enquiry advertising campaign is extremely easy. there’s no minimum spend for it and costs only incur when users tap the ad. Apple has set a bidding system for this feature, which makes it possible to line a price consistent with your current budget.

In combination with ASO, you’ll benefit of your app’s information (e.g. description) and graphics (e.g. screenshots) through “Search Match”. This feature takes metadata of the app from the App Store for your iOS app marketing. you’ll also either use keyword recommendations made by Apple or select keywords on your own, a bit like Google AdWords. it’s impossible to vary the ad creative, this data will only be taken from your metadata.

Furthermore, relevance is more important than bidding regarding apps being displayed via Search Ads. Here, Apple again shows that it prefers high-quality to monetization. Hence, when you’ve already done an excellent job together with your ASO, you’ll draw on that.

### Apple’s Editorial Choice

This is no direct promotion tool for app developers but it should attract them to make the most effective app possible. Apple’s editors choose great iOS apps continually that are displayed in these special sections of the App Store – so Apple will promote your iOS app.

Next to its appearance, features and quality, your app also can get the possibility to be placed by lowering its price for a limited time. So, consider offering a reduction from time to time.

# Incent vs. Non-Incent App Marketing

If you would like use app Marketing to push the number of installs for an app, there are alternative ways to try to to so. you’ll buy installs and choose from incentivized and non-incentivized types, meaning: read more …

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