What are the different ways to promote your app?

Hey, That’s really nice question. Lets get five different ways to promote your app. These ways very helpful and important for both type of mobile apps ios and android.

1.App Store Optimization:

[/b] Get your app ready for the app store. In app store so much apps available for download it is only logical to start investing in your app’s promotion now. ASO is very helpful to optimize the keywords, rank higher and ultimately get more downloads. In this competition it is very hard to get the maximum visibility for an app in the app store. ASO is a process that can help an app to get easily discovered by the user within the app store.

2.CPI(Cost per Install):
Cost Pay Install Is the best way to get lots of install of your app and getting high ranking in app store and play store. For this service you must need to pay amount of money only for each install and its very effective for your app promoting and marketing to achieve top ranking.

3.App Review Submission:

[/b] Review Submission will help you to get more target audience because after submitting your app on top sites there are lots of app users easily get to know about your app. It will provide your app with the initial publicity and if your app is really good, then it will also help you in get noticed in the app.

4.Social (Facebook) Audience Network -

[/b]Facebook uses its individual tool called Facebook Audience Network, which takes higher results for the Promoters. As a promoter, you can run promotions in the Facebook ad by enabling the Audience Network and monetise your Mobile App or Website with Ads from 3 Million Facebook Promoters with the help of Audience Network.

5.Review And Rating:

[/b] Review & Rating is one of best way to increase app ranking. An app user write his experience as a feedback about your app after use it, that feedback is known as review. App user also give rating to your app.

That’s a good way to promote your app. Here is the site which is specialized on different Android apps reviews. I like the way they write the reviews so I think it’s a great platform for promotion.

Some of the ways to promote your app:

  1. Create a video about your app and share it on the youtube and social media channels.
  2. Encourage customer reviews and ratings.
  3. Submit your app to directories.
  4. Make the app icon and name catchy.

A lot of ad networks and CPA or aff networks can easily take your app in for promotion. but need to clearly understand the end goals you willing to achieve.
step 1 - get lots of downloads and boos up
step 2 - set up some KPI’s
step 3 - monetize within your app (in-app ads)

Submit app to different store is the best way to boost up app download.

Thanks, mate, for sharing useful information. Social Media Marketing such as Instagram Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, Pinterest Marketing are also the best ways to promote the app. Even social media automation tools also help in promoting the app through the social media platform.

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I would emphasize two dramatically different ways to promote your app.

WAY 1. External Marketing Methods
WAY 2. Inner Marketing Tools:cool:

First Way complies that you will invest the time and promotions resources out of Store where your app is published.

The main marketing instruments are Google Ads and others.

Such methods are centring mostly at getting targeting users to satisfy such goals:

  1. New Installs
  2. New Conversion in the positing from real users
  3. Increase the Average User Activity

Top Marketing Tools for External App Promotion

• Google Ads ( context-media ads, apps promotion tab);
• YouTube ads;
• Facebook Ads (here you need to choose commercial account usage);
• Forums, Blogs posting.

Second Way underlines the activity which is concentrating at improving the position in the Google Play or App Store (depends where your app OS is).

The main factors influencing the position in Store are:

  1. Installs Amount
  2. Installs Retention
  3. Keyword Discoverability
  4. Average Rating Mark
  5. Positive Comments

All these factors should be launched together as Stores pay attention at traffic low from different channels and activities. It means that if your app has a high installs bench – it also needs to have decent rating average mark.

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Installs flow and positive reviews play a significant role to improve the app position in Store. Due to such traffic your chance become better to get higher position. And from this you need to know that apps are installed mostly which have TOP 1-10 position in top charts.

So from these external activity should include the incent marketing tools to boost the traffic and get higher position to be visible for variety of users.

Have a look below for the ways to promote your app effectively are as follows:-
Choose the right app store
Mobile Advertising agencies
Social Media Advertising
Appealing Website
Sharing Buttons
Video Promotion, etc.

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New Ways To Market your apps : ways to makret mobile apps?

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