Want to see Google Play record ? (SPAM)

I just want to share, this is an old record from me, but not much old as you can see. My (spam) apps that I published on Google Play stayed for 14-15 hours. That day I got about 900k download and about 200k votes. This is the reason why someones love SPAM.

And here is the curious part. I earned 41k $ that day. (I can’t say the ad-networks.)

And I don’t want to any good comment, I just want to show power of spam/marketing/opportunity… Don’t waste your weeks/months to get 5$/day.

Best wishes to all.

Where do u have number of downloads?:slight_smile: Nice spam!:slight_smile:

What type of spam apps were they?

looks legit. did it take you a year to get those developed just so you can get $40k in one day?

why the hate toxic?! money is money. OP probably just copied apps and added his ad SDKs.

by the date i’m going to guess the app OP? flash player for android?!

this is very honest of you to share stats. maybe too honest! i can see the buy/sell posts looking for dev accounts coming in

What record have you broken?

There are many developers who make more than $40k a day. There are many developers who average more than 1 million downloads a day.

only 5736 apps with 1M downloads. Source: (Infographic) Once Upon An App… App testing and more in 2013

I got numbers from ad network. I can make xxx$ daily now even from all my old apps, If I see an opportunity, revenue can increase of course.

These apps arent flash or sth. They just fake. And I developed these app in max 3 hours. Actually I dont know java very well.

The record that I want to say is, these apps reached these numbers after published on Google Play, 14-15 hours. Then Google deleted.

OMG, little java knowledge with fake apps created in 3 hours. I can’t believe that. Do you think that today if some other developer creates similar fake apps, he will also earn or was there something special that you did to get so many downloads and ratings in record time.

at least, can u say what was one app about? anyway to much download for one day, what was so interesting with it?

That’s not even close to a record. There have been quite a few single individual games/apps which have reached 1 million downloads within 14 hours.

The hard thing here is the marketing part, the apps are not special or something(like wifi booster games cheat (all fake)), I have worked as a freelancer for a guy who made spam apps,(apparently he had no java knowledge), and he had very very much downloads in the time where the app were live, because then google deleted it.

What’s the point of this thread? Is the OP proud of screwing over developers that try to create unique and high quality content that enriches the Android ecosystem? He’s the reason Google acts so heavy-handed, causing collateral damage.

I agree… Not sure what is there to show off… Anybody can create an account, publish several app with keyword stuffing with porn / celebrities / popular apps and build a quick and dirty app with no content and redirecting you to some ppc network. Make quick money in a day, get banned, get his name banned, his app signature banned, his IP banned, his bank account banned etc. Is that such an achievement?

The power of spam

I am wondering why adnetworks continue working with you when you send them fake traffic thats not interested in their offers. Did you actually get paid from adnetworks?

Is not that i believed anything the author of this thread said, but 200k votes over 900k installs? No way

Those apps might have the first screen smth like “Rate our app with 5 stars to unlock/use it”. I saw this plenty of times, mostly with Temple Run, Subway Surfers fake games. And most of users(stupid ones) rated the app without thinking too much about it and hoping that this will really magically unblock something and they will be able to play the game.

Anyways, I think Google got smarter and now it’s harder to get so lucky with spammy apps, and soon it will be almost impossible(which is great) to cash good money on spam.

yes I guess the apps were the fake versions of search terms most frequently searched for and it has to be some famous search term like temple run, angry birds, subway surfers or candy crush.

at least spamming was done the right way by this guy. other spammers should learn others ignore it.

Agreed… And it’s essentially the long term viability. You can cash in quick for a few days but then what? Recreate an account from scratch takes time, ans then the bank account… I admit I don’t know much about account selling, but it looks very risky from my point of view, and I can imagine Google has many algorithms to detect multiple identities.
Bottom line: do that when you are about to die, not when you are young lol