Want to see Google Play record ? (SPAM)

I dont know guys. I think to a lot of people $40k is worth creating a new google play account with a bank account attached to it. I would do it :slight_smile:

the only part sucks is that you would need to put a lot of time into setup just to have everything erased in 12 hours and start over. that part would drive me nuts no matter how much money is involved (although 40k is a lot)

hire a freelancer

And the “robbery” is not $$$ guaranted. You may end up with $200 earned and account banned.

200 is not bad either

So this is basically why Google is getting much tougher on the policy enforcement ,
Poor developers who works for months to create an App and get 10$ a day
This is why the market is full of crap , I believe Google has to start a verification system , It will end all of these issues

I think the guy can release a book worth $1000 on “How to make and maintain SPAM apps”. Will sell like hot cakes and I am not being sarcastic to this fellow android money maker.

nothing is guaranteed in life except death and taxes.

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