Unnecessary change in content rating

Google has change the rating of one if my app to highly mature with reason that it contains sexual content. The app is a timer and stopwatch with mobilecore and admob. No other content is there apart from the clock where user sets the time for countdown timer. They have given warning that is it happens again, they will ban my account. Google is amazing. That’s why we need more play dev. accounts.

You are lucky it wasn’t just banned outright and compromised your account. I know the frustration…

haa… haaa this is what I call Google rules, I would say here you may have got lucky by chance most of the time I have seen the Google just banned the account. I would say next time you should be more alerted over the application. They have spotted you over the limelight and who know might have plans to … !:smiley:

That 's simple. Your app don’t have any sexual content but ADS may display it. You can not control what will display in your app with mobilecore but you can control with admob review center(new admob)

Well, I think we should congratulate him for not getting banned from the Google Developer account, because usually if anyone found guilty they don’t bother to give any warning what they do is they banned the developer. :cool: I have seen many cases where people just get banned because they are making some minor mistakes and in this case its … :stuck_out_tongue:

I am guessing there was an ad with sexual content. How did they see the ad? Did they actually open and used your app or maybe someone reported it (with a screenshot)?

This is pure bulls**t. There are developers out there who make a living out of android and getting banned could lead to ruining lives.

No. I will definitely make money out of this app. I had invested $200 in this app development and have received 3 installs after that content rating change. Probably will sell source code or upload a reskin.

Mind the name of your code variables. I remember someone saying here that he used variable name

if(this_fuc**ing_shit == true)

and got Google warning. i too use such checks sometimes when things are not getting solved and taking time.

after that i started using sweet and decent names for all my variables.

So setting that variable to false will fix the problem. :slight_smile:

Nope. its not matter of true/false.
its about naming convention.

@javaexp What is your previous content rating?

Really? :slight_smile:

oh yeah…

It was everyone. Google has dine this thing for my two other apps

You should set them to at least medium next time. All my apps are set to medium/high even it is suitable for everyone, so far didn’t encounter any problem.

I call BS on the variable naming. In order for that to occur, Google needs to reverse engineer your app. Doing so is breaking US laws. Then they send you an email admitting they broke the law and they found a variable name they did not like ? BS…

Doesn’t that effect downloads? You spend so much time developing app which us suitable for everyone but have to forcefully increase content rating?

Google Play users can filter out high maturity apps IF they had set it up on the setting there. It is useful for parental control, in other words, you just filtered out mostly kids from your apps. If your application isn’t targeted for kids, I don’t feel it has much impact on downloads.

Some time it may be happen by mistake. I have faced this problem. I got an email from Google Admob that your app has sexual content and we can not show ads in your app but after 2 hours I got another email that your app is not banned and it is still alive.

Prevent webpages from displaying pop-up windows or loading time-consuming content that may be unnecessary. However, blocking pop-ups and unnecessary content might also block content or features, such as animation, that use the same technology.

Choose Safari > Preferences, then click Security.
In the “Web content” and “Internet plug-ins” sections, select “Block pop-up windows,” then deselect Enable JavaScript, Allow plug-ins, or both.