True income report by ramzixp - 3 years

Deleted not important

hey ramzixp,
great numbers. wish i also earn like that.
can u tell, how much u earned in last 3 months that is Dec,Jan,Feb each month separate?

Hhahahhaha I bet that he now want to sell some crappy ebook about how he earned it. He imagine sume numbers and post spam again here… He tell us x5 times that he leave forum… he is damn ass asshole and he write always false and spam

December - great numbers
January - WTF? Android Ended? Depression
February - back to normal, revenue increased

I cannot compare last 3 months to rest of revenue because I released app that got revenue like in 2013, so it was big boost.

The biggest mistake in last 3 years was laziness, 1 week hard work - 3 months holidays;/ I want to change it now and hard work every day. If I focus to make apps, I am sure, it’s possible to get these results in 1 year.

How much you bet? :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your numbers. How many times have u been banned?

It was a great number. Are you still spamming or move into quality app instead for past few months?

not counted :wink: I had some 40-50 accounts

Still spaming but I want to make huge quality game in next 1 year

Awesome result, I wonder what is the most number of active accounts you manage in a particular time and how do you manage them :slight_smile:

Do not bump your own threads ass hole

laughably low earnings. you could have made more working as a Software Engineer for a company doing legitimate work. new college grads make $150+k/year all-in (salary + bonus + equity) at Facebook, Google, etc.

granted, you live in poland, where $300k might be a lot. so kudos to you. lol.

Not every country is the same. I think Software Engineer in India (new college grad) doesn’t even make $15k per year. Maybe someone in India can comment on this.

So, don’t said it is a low income, respect other who doesn’t earn as much as you.

I remember you posted in this forum long time ago claming you had earned $25k per day. How is your business doing these days?

Yeah it’s true…new collage grads earn 20-30$ average in India…with 30$ a day it’s a go on in India…

Fortunately, business is going great. I’m making considerably more than the amount I stated in that 2.5 year old thread.

WOW! Good for you! Congratz! Do you hire someone or done everything by yourself?

In Poland $100,000 per year is more that our Prime Minister used to earn per year two years ago.
Typical software engineer here earns between $15,000 and $30,000 PER YEAR.
(Of course you can move to another country or work from home for a company abroad and earn much more if you are resourceful.)

I agree though that for the shady work he is doing it’s not very much.

Wow thats low, I think in Germany that salary is like 10 times more, thats one of the worlds best economies. Or the UK, same thing.

Honestly you don’t seem much better person than him… most of your posts being claims of you earning more than 100.000 USD/day. With one final post claiming you actually meant 100.000 Indian rupee instead.

Yeah, this is why so many Polish left to UK. I would have left too if not for the game development which allowed me to work here, while enjoying salary closer to the West.