Trade Translations?

Hey guys.

What if we trade translation services among us?

I know fluently language A, and you know fluently language B. Since we both know English as the “starting point”, I can translate your app to A and you translate mine to B.

To make the playing field fair, we could focus only on the Google Play description page, and for reasonably sized descriptions (around 1500 characters?).

What do you guys think? Would people be interested in this?

i can do Arabic translation, there are 20 countries speaks Arabic

I can do Portuguese translation. Mainly Brazil and Portugal, but a few other countries speak it also.

i can do Egyptian Arabic and i’m very interested in this idea

That is just great idea! Just wonder what would be a best way to make translations. Easiest way is just change translation, but I just wonder would it take just way too much work if there would be a “money”-system where “money” would be translations: if I translate something I get 1 translation, with that I could buy 1 translation to my soft. So I wouldn’t need to find a person who can translate to A and want to get translation B. I could just translate other people’s soft to B and then use those “money” to translate my soft to A, C, D and E.

That system could be next state of this kind of translation service if there are enough people who like and use this translation idea.

I can do Swedish translations. Small country, but good eCPM. :slight_smile:

For my app I’m currently most interested in: Russian, German and Turkish. But most other languages are welcome :slight_smile:

Thats a good idea, but a bit hard to implement, would need a backend system to control the currency, avoid exploits, etc. As you said, it could be the next state if this simpler version gets enough people interested.

Great idea. I’d be able to provide German Translations.

I already proposed this idea and I am available for this project about Italian.

I can translate in italian :slight_smile:

I can translate to Arabic. I am a native Arabic speaker

I am interested in Indian translation (I can translate to Portuguese).

I advise all to post here which language they can translate (if they want), I have managed to trade around 7 translations already due to this thread, and it increased the download on those countries (not by an enormous amount but a bit).

Translation is incredibly important for app, but clearly description and title as well. But I do not think Google Play takes into account the existence of a localised strings file from my experience.

They started recently showing tips which apps you should translate. So they are definitely looking into the localised string files.

Hi, I can translate from English to Indonesian


Can help with French and Romanian.


Hello, I can help with Italian translation (from English or French).
I would like to translate my Google Play description in other languages, especially in Arabic.

I like the idea! I can help with Polish translations.

Hey guys…I’m ready to provide Russian and Romanian translations…I need other languages(with the exception of English of course). Please send me a PM with the language you can provide and how many words has your description in English.

Thanks :slight_smile: