Trade Translations?

hey rixchow, can u translate my app into indonesian and also i can translate into hindi(india’s native language) or english

Hey to all again. I already exchanged translations with @Davide Rusconi (I gave him Russian translations and he gave me Italian translations).

If anyone else needs Russian and/or Romanian translations then I can give it to you in exchange of any other wide-spoken translations(with the exception of English and Italian).

Please PM me with the language you can translate and we will proceed to the deal :slight_smile:

I’m native slovakian and czech speaker. Yes those are small countries, so I can translate into both languages in exchange to one wider spoken.

hey, yes, you can send me your app desc via PM. Thanks

Hey guys, long time lurker, first time poster. I think this is a great idea! I can do Russian translation if anyone would like to arrange a swap!

I can do Polish translation in exchange if somebody interested.

I can provide Spanish (Latinamerica) translation

i can translate to indonesia, and i need translation from swedish

Hi guys,

I’m in need of a translations in Swedish, Finnish and Danisch although everything is welcome (exept English or Dutch). I can translate to Dutch. My description is not that long ± 500 char


I’m looking for Spanish translation. I can provide Polish translation or I could give some keywords, ( look this:

i can translate into indonesia

Hey guys, adding translations to Google Play really helps with the downloads, what about adding translations to other app stores, like Amazon, Samsung, Opera… Does adding translation there improve the download rates? I’ve tried adding 10 translation to one of my apps on Amazon, but I did not see any effect there. Thanks.

Hi all
I need translations in : spanish, portuguese, russian and german
I can provide French translation

I am interested too. I can translate from English to Brazilian Portuguese.

I am interested in all languages.

Contact me via PM.

Great idea!
I can translate to Norwegian.
Send me a PM if you’re interested.

I’m mainly interested in one (or more) of the following languages (approx 1500 words)
And possibly a few others, if the written language is based upon Latin characters.

I can translate to German.

Languages I need:

Just send me a PM


I can do Polish from English. Interested in all languages, especially French, Italian, Dutch and Asian languages

English> Polish

English> Everything :wink:

I can translate in Italian (from English).
Send me PM if interested

I can translate from English to Dutch.
I am interested in all languages.