Time to shake things up - Oct income report

So October has almost ended and my income is pretty clear. Its the highest yet.
So here it goes, $300,000 in a single month with a single app. Looks like am quite on track to be a millionaire soon enough :smiley:
The potential to earn through android is mind boggling.!

EDIT: November was pretty much same, December looks better though.

$300k in 1 month? :open_mouth:

If it’s true then congrats :slight_smile: By posting such info on forums will of course make people to ask question, so hopefully you’re ready for them :smiley:

If it’s not a secret: with what ad network(-s) you’re working with?

And of course some numbers regarding how many users, downloads, how many times you show the ads and so on…just share whatever you think could be useful and interesting…if nothing then it’s totally understandable and again happy for your amazing success :slight_smile:

Not sure what $3,00,000 means, but it certainly looks good. :slight_smile:

I think you can give some information about the app without compromising your revenue; Installs, monetization strategy, category, earnings per user, etc??

Awesome . Congrats buddy …

I am earning $400000 from 2 apps. Where’s the supporting evidence?

@krosser and @javaexp

General questions for you guys since you’re both making large incomes: What were the biggest challenges you faced since deciding to monetize your apps? And which is the most profitable strategy - paid apps, ads, IAPs, or some combination?

Great to read about success stories here and hopefully I can write about my own successes 1-2 years from now :slight_smile:

haha. people are so innocent.
I created my own ad network named add-me-mob and then I took all poor developers money.
Just pulling your leg.

My post was for people to support their big words with some app name. We know angry birds makes big money and Rovio won’t hide their app name because they have got the game copyrighted and no other developer would dare to clone angry birds (ban hammer)

whats $3,00,000 mean? 30k or 300k a month? either way congratulations, large numbers there

Thanks… now I’m abit less worry about admob ban :slight_smile:

I would not trust admob, I started with them, but got banned for no apparent. Two years later, i think its only their loss.

I could just add a screenshot right now and easy your doubts but i won’t, it doesn’t matter to me if you believe it or not. If fact maybe its better that some people don’t believe me.
I am not a total noob here, I have regularly posted here and given updates about my income. Go check the 100k club and the “How many Apps do you have…” thread.

I read more and more about their banning system and I don’t trust them also… I don’t have reason yet because I don’t get ban, but i wanna be prepared for this so I search another ad networks. But from descripton from other users they don’t pay as much as admob :confused:

Who the hell are you kidding? Angry bird doesn’t have any clones? There are at least 20 different type of angry bird clones out there!
Regardless I would not give away my app name because my situation is a bit different than angry birds. In fact most sensible people with high income would not give away their app names, because then everybody would start copying them and android is the wild west, you can try to control it but you won’t be able to. So why not just save yourself all the trouble?

Sorry that was a typo, its 300k

Keep using admob but don’t use them exclusively, checkout Mopub you can use admob in combination with other networks through that.

There is no reason to question his numbers - I think these folks are just being adverserial in the hope of extracting some info from you (that you do not want to divulge).

I would not recommend mentioning your app name here - no need to.

But you can discuss general genre, and ad strategy (as you have discussed I think before).

For example is this revenue from banners alone - what is your view on using interstitials (since revenue only 2x-3x with adding interstitials etc.). And a developer who hopes to eventually have a top 5 app (in some category) may consider the benefit of having a minimalistic ad strategy BETTER than one which is all rich and complex (banners, interstitials etc.).

I have been considering this question for an upcoming app (which I would hope may become very popular) - so the question I was asking was should I be thinking about using banner ads, interstitial ads, and Daily Rewards coins (to improve user retention) and Tapjoy coins (since I cannot do Google IAP from my location). Or should I just “trust in God” and go minimalistic on the ads (advantage of that also is that it consumes less developer resources thinking about ad placement, whether-it-will-impact-users, how to time it - and all that stuff which all adds complexity to the UI design and for an individual developer winds up consuming far more time than improvement of the core app).

Also one hears stories of developers (like you) mentioning high revenue single apps - which are just using banner ads.

Also in one of your earlier posts you mentioned abandoning startapp - I have not used startapp/airpush but could you share what impact you saw from removing startapp - did it wind up helping you ?

Did use of startapp HINDER your successful app’s success (or were you using that for another app) - my gut feeling would be that your successful/top 5 etc. type app would NOT be the one using startapp, but if you say an app was using startapp and WAS still in top 10 in it’s category or whatever, that would be something counterintuitive.


EDIT: Using just banner ads maybe problematic for games etc. which may have better monetization with interstitials/IAP etc. - and if it has a rabid fan following may allow for some aggressive interstitial presentation. However, my question was for a utility or such app (like an audio recorder etc. type of app) - where there is one screen and some function is done and user may come back to the app a number of times (if they like the app).

that was holding krosser’s nose from the other side. I don’t think he would answer your questions because knowledge is everything. krosser posted this thread to send some thundering to us and not that you too post I earned 10 figures revenue and no one pays attention to krosser. @krosser, its your choice man. congrats (if that is true :smiley: )

What i did was initially went with banners and startapp(it had good rates back then) no interstitial’s, but once my app reached the top, I introduced appwall’s and interstitial. My users are pretty loyal and plenty of them don’t mind the interstitial’s because my app is pretty useful as well. So if you can get away with interstitial’s then go for it, otherwise avoid them. Half of my revenue is currently from interstitial ad types.
I never did the coins things but never did trust the god either. Trust your brain and do the right thing as you see fit.

Lol :cool:
Man you need to grow up.

Grown ups usually don’t have sense of humor and take life too seriously.