The Friday Game Review...

Hi guys,
Could anyone of you support me voting my game here?

it’s under “Games August 10: Sports” because I couldn’t find a better place.

Thank you anyway :slight_smile:


you llinked to podcast player … you may name your app here, otherwise thw wrong app may get voted xD

also if you app category is not available you should wait until it is, they do not vote all categories at once (afaik)

damn … there was a submission for tower defense games and i missed it argl

My Game is Fifteen Puzzle X

That’s not a sports game, … they are currently accepting sports games :slight_smile: Let’s see what happens :wink:

Do you know when are they going to review puzzle game?

No,sorry - it was new for me that they do categorize it now, that’s why I haven’t looked over there for a long time

Hi guys,
Today The Friday Review Game setup a “Brain & Puzzle” for August 24.

Could you please help me to get my game reviewed by them?
You need to go here:

and vote “Fifteen Puzzle X” under “Brain & Puzzle”.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Just submitted one of my own games xD

can we swap vote?
I voted for your game. Could you vote for mine one?


I voted for both of your games. I will also post a game soon. I just want to make a promotional video for it first to go with the suggestion.

@megasoft, yes I voted you, that’s why you on first place xD

I will merely post another game, but need a video first :slight_smile:

Thank you guys,
this is a real team work :slight_smile:

We need to support each other :slight_smile:

Thank you again!

I’ve submitted one of my games to the brain and puzzle section. Otto’s Toy Chest. Any votes would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

good luck eveyone :slight_smile:

I’ve submitted another of my games, please vote for Word Search Puzzle in the aug. 24 brain and puzzle games. Thanks!

I’ve voted for all of your games. Good luck! :slight_smile:

Voted! :slight_smile:
Please guys,
if anyone haven’t done it yet.
Vote for my game : Fifteen Puzzle X


Hi guys,

I also suggested my brain/puzzle game called:
Spin the Maze
to the Friday Game Review., megasoft78 and XdebugX I voted to your games, please vote back :slight_smile:

Thank you guys, and good luck,
from MonkeyGames

Hi 5tr4u55,
I voted! Very nice game :slight_smile:


stop telling that you’ve voted :slight_smile:

mine is already downvoted heavily xD