The best paying mobile ad network

Hello guys!
I am new to ad networks.When i started for searching for ad networks i was surprised by the number of ad networks.Can u plz share ur experience on different networks so we can find out which is the highest paying ad network…

You’re probably best off searching the forum instead.
I’ve had success with the following networks at different times: Admob, AppWiz, SendDroid, StartApp, AirPush, AppBrain, mobileCore, AppBucks, PingJam, Millennial Media.

What works for you will depend on your app(s)/game(s) audience(s) and how heavily you want to integrate in terms of ad types.

I prefer Admob, and try to keep the ads less aggressive

for me startapp, appbrain, admob works well.

There are several ad networks which you can try, Smaato,, AdIquity. It depends upon your geolocation and target audience too.

Well the audience is targetted worldwide

Please take a look at our network - we’re not banner ads but we do pay out generously through clicks and I can guarantee that revenues stay more consistent over time.


In that case you can try any of 'em. My friends are using Smaato and, they’re doing good. Currently I’m using AdIquity(from last one year), and with adiquity I make 50 cent to $1 eCPM.

Dont even go near appwiz…:stuck_out_tongue:
they paid me $1k less

Admob, startapp dont use APPWIZ because they are a scam!

What do u think about revmob?

I have never used them…in my “developer career” I was always been paid by admob, startapp, mobario, homebase widdit, appgrade (but with delay).

For now i was scammed only by appwiz.

I’m also still searching for a good ad network for banner and interstitials. I’m currently using Airpush and have ~$0.60 CPM and 50% fill rate with banners. That’s pretty poor for most users in US. for US users should be paid much better. Any advice?

you can try my on top widget for earning more on top of your banner and interstitial . if u want to know more about this . please pm me or skype:ankitagrawal2411

What do you guys think about this (Ad networks - Android library statistics | It gives a good overview how popular a network is. I think it is a good starting point for further research.

yup it is good starting point

Hi @taimur97,

My company Avocarrot offers consistent monthly payments (net5) and our average eCPM is $15.

We help you to make more money in a less intrusive way by transforming ads into engaging in-app rewards. If you’d like more info please get in touch at [email protected]


Try Startapp, one of high paying ad networks that pays more or less higher than admob. It has a wide range of ads - splash ad, banner, interstitial, search ads, return ads etc…
It also has referral program in which you can get up to $10,000 when a new developer signs up.

My advice is combination of startapp & admob works better and gives higher payment that all other ad networks. It is best suited for all apps and games. Easy and Quick Integration.

  • Unity and corona plugins are available
  • Admob mediation also available in startapp
  • Live tracking of impressions and earnings

When your referral reaches 100k impressions you will get 25$, for 1M impressions - +$150, 10M impressions - +$1500, 25M impressions - +$2400, 50M impressions - +$5925

You can sign up using this link - StartApp - Developer Registration

In my opinion, Leadbolt is the best ad network for monetizing android apps and games. It provides very high CPM rates and high quality ad formats. App overlay is pretty effective in driving good CTR(Click Through Rate) and income. I am getting between 1-2 $ eCPM with app overlay unit.
Give it a try -

I’ve been trying out a lot advertising companies, but for me MobileCore was the best. Their costumer support is great.(I had some problems with my game, and they helped me to fix them really quickly) So check them out .