The best network for alternative markets

Hi. I’m searching the best network for non GP markets. The best would be PPD + revenue share. I had already Airpush and tried eomobi (but it is very buggy). So I’m searching for sth new. Any ideas?

We can do a test into anyone’s app for a guaranteed CPM rate. If the traffic tests well, then we can open up the budgets for your app(s) with a solid CPM guarantee (basically PPD… but better because its continuous revenue payouts paid weekly and not just a one time payout after 45 days like most PPD models).

Anyone can hit me up about this. Send me an email if you want to test your app(s) with this model.

Happy Developing!

About what PPD we are talking? How much?

Im tearing it up with Mobilecore right now, I placed mobilecore in like 20 apps with bundle2. on these 20 apps Bundle2 earnings are $10-$15 a day. Mobilecore Earnings are also around $10-15 a day on these same apps with an eCPM rate of around $3.15 for the last 7 days. Yeah EOMOBI is very buggy and no credit for payment until user sees an ad first, they constantly force close so a live wallpaper will go to a black screen after like 2-3 minutes.

Appsrelease also has good success with mobilecore as well for outside markets, she reported $70 a day at one point.

Yes, I still doing really good with mobilecore, like $45 per day since I lost my Opera account (they said one of my app is stolen but it’s not, they are very stupid asking only for link on GPlay and of course I don’t use use GPlay but they don’t consider Samsung store, 1Mobile,etc.).
Also revenue dropped after updating to v1.0 sdk but I’m still happy with them.Regarding eomobi, they are performing good also for me, almost the same daily revenue like Airpush Bundle 2.

Thanks guys! I think that mobilecore will be great for it! I only has a problem with their adding apps - someone earlier used my package name and I can’t add their ads to my app… :confused:
Eomobi has great PPD but they REALLY SPAM devices… Like 10 ad notifications in 2-3 hours. And a lot of bugs… Unfortunately:(

what was the package name? search it to see if others apps come up. Also Opera is out now, if you upload an app now on the app page it will redirect to google play with the package name of your app so if your app is not on google, no downloads, very bad for opera since they just took over NOKIA Store so apps there will have same issue. Will miss opera was only market left where apps went live after uploading, was getting 10,000-25,000 downloads a day there, revenue dropped from 200 a day to 140 a day since they started this last week.

Dear Jason,

Thank you for contacting us.
We’ve made some changes to our Android Store.
Users will be redirected to Google Play now, so you won’t get downloads if your apps are not published there.

Sincerely yours,
Bogdan Doroshenko
Opera Mobile Store | Content Manager | Fax: +1 866 626 9582

They also suspended lot of my apps because of eomobi claimed users cant skip the ads.

So, you are not using eomobi anymore? I didn’t get any complains until now but who knows, maybe I should stop using them…

No I still use them, money is too good to pass up. What wordpress theme and plugins do you use for your website? Also did u install analytics from google? How many daily users do you get to your website. I just bought at auction. Need to launch a new website.

I’ll send you a PM with theme and plugins; yes, I installed analytics and I’m getting like 200-300 users daily according with them but I need to work a little on SEO for the site and also to launch some marketing campaigns.

Hey mmmkkksss,

I would like to introduce you HomeBase SDK from Widdit - a super lucrative monetization solution that displays highly targeted sponsored content on the user lock screen. HomeBase shows around 80% acceptance rate, and Widdit is paying on a rev share model. You should definitely check us out!

Feel free to ask me anything here in the thread, or PM me directly.



Anyone been able to work out kinks with emobi? I want to try them but everyone’s been claiming that they are buggy. Also I hear that they hit users pretty hard… anyone seeing a negative reaction to that, i.e. lower install rates or higher uninstall rates? Thanks!

They also use sms messenging permissions too which means wont install on tablets will force close right away, so make sure to mix up your apps make some with them and some without if you really want them

Hi @apprelease, may i know list of 3rd party store you publish your app.Which store performs best? And are those content in your website only apps you made? Quite impressive to make $45 a day.

Yeah, I also think that main question is which are those alternative markets. I tried many, with no success. Now trying mobogenie - still no success, just couple downloads a day maximum from an app that was making thousands from GP

I also want to know does it worth to upload our apps to thirdpary stores!

Not worth in my case.

Not really impressive since I have almost 600 apps, all of them monetized with mobilecore (and others).I publish on my own site, 1mobile,samsung,getjar,mobogenie,mobile9,aptoide,androidfreeware and 4 China stores.

But yes,could be impressive since I don’t have any app on GPlay :slight_smile:

So you make $45 in total, with 600 live wallpapers in all those markets?

Only with mobilecore ; add $20-$25 with airpush 2, same with eomobi,etc.