The best Android app review service?

I am considering to pay or or any other site for reviewing one of my company’s apps. Which is the best Android review service? Or is it a bad idea to pay sites for reviewing apps? It is a bit corrupted, but it seems like this is how it works.

Review sites work for PR campaigns only, you should not expect that will generate downloads at Google Play.
Though these sites are pretty good as for PR

I don’t think it’s worth it all for Play downloads. Think how users discover new apps. They browse the top charts, browse categories, search for something they want or download on a friend’s recommendation. Very few read these review sites every day and download everything it lists. Just not worth the cash.

I was going to buy a review purely for SEO reasons and links to my app development website but looking at the quality of link on MajestiSEO and Ahrefs, the links aren’t worth $150 either.

If you have sth easy to remember, original such reviews probably work over time - people won’t download your game right away, but they will remember the icon, name or logo and might download it later.

Most of the review sites will be willing to review your app for free if they like it enough, so maybe you can try that before paying. We sent a request for review to the Android Police, and they liked it and put it on their last ‘Best New Android Apps’ round up (38 Best New Android Apps And Live Wallpapers From The Last 3 Weeks (10/31/12 - 11/21/12)),
It got us about 250-300 installs in the day it was published and the day after that, and it also got us a few premium paying costumers. It’s not that much, but it gave us a starting push. Also, after android police published it I found the app recommended in a few other sites, like and a site from Brazil that got us about 30-40 more Brazilian users, and more…

However, most other sites ignored our review request or asked us to pay for it, which we didn’t do, because we didn’t want to invest money at the time. If you do have a budget to spend I think that if the free stuff doesn’t happen, then it’s worth the paying, but as I mentioned - expect a few hundred downloads, probably not more than that, so consider how much you are willing to pay accordingly…

Nice. Which one’s your app?

Thanks :slight_smile: My app is the MonsterHood live wallpaper:
Still thinking about how to get it exposed even more, since the android police review was almost the only thing that got us some users,
no great ideas so far…

And by the way this is the site in Portuguese: MonsterHood Live Wallpaper download - Baixaki
They wrote their own text (didn’t copy ours from the play store) and they did quite a good job (I google translated it) ! I think the text is even more fun and inviting then what we wrote here at the studio,
and they add their own pros and cons.
I found this website when I Goggled up ‘MonsterHood’ to see if I get any interesting results. I’m wondering if there’s a way to contact this sort of websites in foreign languages (or even find the good ones) and ask for reviews, since it is a very good exposure of the app for non-english speakers

Thanks for the idea. I’ve sent them and e-mail asking if they could do a honest review of my app.

Any other good review sites available? gave my app an awesome review:
Detective Dogs App Review by Applatter

While applatter is a small site, it enabled me to put a quote from a review into my app description, which I think will help downloads.

It also helped to boost my confidence some. =D

Hi, thank you very much for the suggestion! I’ve asked them, if they could do a review, and I hope they’ll consider my app good enough. :slight_smile:

Anyway, congrats on your app, it looks amazing!

Thanks! I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

I have sent my app to many review sites including, Android central etc. but none of them approved it…Don’t know why??
What all should I need to improve in my app: Powerful Peeing Kid:

Need suggestions???

Hi, sorry to hear that. If they declined to review it, try their paying services. However, I had two reviews, but it didn’t help with downloads that much, because the reviews aren’t from “big” sites. But I did see a dramatic increase in downloads when I decided to advertise my app. Hope this helps somewhat.

my experience - i had a really nice review from one of the small site too - well it did absolutely nothing to create downloads . It was free so no harm done. what worked for me very surprisingly - i found a guy on - for 5 bucks he posted on Facebook my app and the link to the store to like 35 android fan groups all over the world . as this is the ONLY promo i did for that app - i can say that those $5 generated easily 200 downloads.

the moral of the story - you never know what will work. If you have the time and a few dollars - give it shot, whatever it is ! i will start a new post soon - i’m trying that thing - will see how it goes - it is free so i’ll probably just waste some time:)

Thanks for sharing, good to know! :slight_smile:

Nice app dude:) using it as we speak :)) how did you advertise your apps and where? if you feel like sharing of course:)

If you’re asking me - I advertised it on But I’ve used their $50 credit which you get when you sign up as a developer (free). Other than that, I only do cross-promotion, however, when I’ll have some extra money to spend, I’ll advertise again.

Two of my apps have AirBop implemented, but I did not use it yet - maybe I’ll send a messages to my users about the new apps. But I’ll limit the messages to 1 per 2/3 weeks.

If you are asking me… then I have concluded my marketing strategy at my blogs and forums @ CreatioSoft Forum - Android marketing
May be it can help you out!!

Best review service is on Fiverr. Look up “givemeapps”. Their youtube channel has over 50 in depth reviews of apps, a lot of them android. It’s like $5 to promote your app, and for $25 you get a full out review. I have no regrets and plan to use them again in the future.

The link is Givemeapps will promote your ios, android or windows phone app for $5, only on

The youtube channel is AppMall - YouTube