The 10k club....

I would like to start a new club - the “I am owed $10k by a single ad company” club…

Who else is a member ?

Wow that sucks. What company is this?

yea, what is it … as far as I know, you are using mopub with admob and millenial, didn’t you?

Ouh, that’s painful. The same here, which ad network and what for/how this had happened?

Noo… this is easy… make 3k each month and have them pay you net90 … at some point, they will owe you 3 months worth… Nothing bad to see here folks!

aaah, ok :slight_smile: yes, than I am also a member of that club :slight_smile: but I don’t feel bad about it.

Never been in this situation myself - I try to withdraw money as regularly as possible. I’d rather have it in my own account (possibly earning interest) than in the ad network’s.

i’m still in the $10,- club

One day, I plan to start the 100k club :slight_smile:

Aren’t we all?

Better than the 10c club :stuck_out_tongue:

You just have to keep leveling up one goal at a time :smiley:

You know, when I saw the title I thought it was about installations.
Can’t even begin to imagine how many installations it would take to get 10k income.

Well, 10k is from two or more months in this club - because revenue is paid with delay. :slight_smile:

haha, dude it will take me about 2.000 months to get 10k :’)

Similar club but with one more zero on the end… still nothing to write home about I guess, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Based on my current figures, it would take about 600,000 installs!

based on mine it would take about 4.000.000 installs

Ok, new milestone: so far this month, I have earned $10k with LeadBolt! :smiley: So I guess it’s time to join the club with pending earnings…

Unfortunately the numbers have slowed down a lot over the past few days (so next month won’t be as great). But it’s still an exciting point to reach!

I’ve also noticed a big decrease in Leadbolt income for the last week or so.

The 10k club? Make 10k peer day club, this is milestone. I have $70k in leadbolt, $70k in airpush and $12k in startapp. Some $500, $1k in little networks. Need to score $10k but peer day :slight_smile: not peer week or peer month but it’s so close. 2 days ago I got $3k peer day milestone and it’s growing up, up :slight_smile: