The 10k club....

Wow, good for you. Great for you. :slight_smile: How did you do it? Do you have one super-popular app/game or many smaller?

Many, many apps on my 16 accounts :slight_smile: and I am also from Poland. I saw your post with country :slight_smile: my apps mostly have 100k-500k installs

lol 16 accounts?! Reality beats fiction!

Can you post any example of your apps? I’m too curious…

Anyway, congrats!

No. Sorry, I can’t post. Why? Short explain :wink:

In Poland we have also developers forum. One day, some stupid, jealous developer reported every our apps in time when I had one account. Google banned many people for using airpush, collecting user information in private database or using much more invasive ad methods than notifications.
We also had placebo apps like “internet accelerator” for “speeding” user internet. Google banned my account and my friends.

That is a reason why I want to be private with my apps. 16 accounts? Why not, it’s only $25, we can use anonymouse visa card and…vps. After ban I have to use VPS servers to publish new. Google will found every banned people, how they are doing it?
-ip (one login from banned ip and new ban :wink: )
-user data
-code image, google can recognise similar apps by code structure
Eliminate this 4 points and you can have unlimited ammount of accounts.

Sorry for bad english, this is not my language

Thanks for sharing the information. :slight_smile:

You are from Poland Magnesus, probably know forum. This is warning, do not share your applications in this forum if you not want to lose your account. It’s so sad that we have stupid people in our country.

Wow - $10k per day would be an amazing target! I’m still aiming for the $1k/day mark, but will struggle to get there…

How many impressions are you generating to get $3k/day? And do you have a marketing budget (i.e. how much of that $3k is profit, vs. expenses)?

Is this yours?

Between 3kk - 4kk impressions with airpush smartwall and notifications. Now testing inmobi but no stats yet.

expenses - 0, I have own advertisement system(collecting user data, hah). It have :
-house push
-house appwall(in test)
-email collecting(option disabled but possible)
-pop up out of application from service

Suprised that ? :smiley: Just think, why admob can have own house ads and why in house ads should be baner unit only?

House ads are not for sharing users between my own apps, it’s nonsense. Use it to get on trending apps list in specific country. For example 5-10k installs peer day, 3 days and you are on the trending list. Turn off house system and it’s growing up from the list without acceleration :slight_smile:
MARAUD3R - that’s very old information, all apps are banned, I have new, my friend Mateusz Baclawski also got ban and he have all new.

Yeah, we know. There was a topic here about it too. I was a little scared (because I shared my apps there) even though all my apps are within Google terms (they are just games without notification ads).

David, Fake iphone is your? How to not get a ban for using apple trademarks like iphone. I had couple themes for go launcher, go locker and every time after month, 1,5 month got ban on it:|

It’s probably because adding the word Fake makes it a parody. Google fair use.

Wow, you have a great monetization and marketing system in place :slight_smile:

Could you tell how much you earn per one install on avearage?
Also, I wonder what is the % of active users you have on your apps with such quite aggressive monetization strategy?

I need more information to get involved in it and more details about this will be waiting for your reply.I am really interested in it.Please keep updated.Thanks

hopefully $1k-$3k a day without a few months :slight_smile:

affliatex - live wallpapers only?

Ok, new milestone: so far this month, I have earned $10k with LeadBolt! So I guess it’s time to join the club with pending earnings…

Unfortunately the numbers have slowed down a lot over the past few days (so next month won’t be as great). But it’s still an exciting point to reach!


So is Leadbolt performing better than Admob ?

Or is this a Leadbolt smartwall.

I got dissuaded by the Leadbolt HTML etc. stuff - and combined with the negative comments.

I am also looking for some replacement for Greystripe full screen ads (these don’t have a cross to dismiss the ad - but have to tap to see “Skip” button - which confuses some users).

Admob eCPMs are $0.40.

Greystripe full screen ads - one I’ve criticized earlier for giving $0.50 type of eCPMs (and this is actually real eCPM - since Greystripe pays per impression usually).

Greystripe gets a peak occasionally - one weekend went up to $2.00 eCPM - and right now has risen from $0.60 to $1.50 eCPM as we approach the holidays.

I suspect the “potential” for good eCPMs is high - it’s that Greystripe may not have the inventory in normal times (i.e. pre-holidays).

AppBrain “More Apps” banner eCPMs are $0.24 - the end-of-app every 3 days “More Apps” is about the same or slightly higher.

But eCPMs are misleading (since if you double refresh rate the eCPM can be reduced) - a better indicator maybe revenue per DAU (daily active user) - although this too will vary by app (depending on user-retention, session length etc.).

Looking at the AppBrain stats - the DAU have risen from 2500 per day to nearly 4000 per day.

At this level of user involvement, I am getting:

Admob banner ads (admob mediation) - up from $3 per day to about $5 per day (nearing holiday season).

AppBrain banner ads showing “More Apps” text (admob mediation) - $1.5 per day (though varies widely on some weekends up to $3 or $5).

AppBrain end-of-app every 3 days “More Apps” - about $1.5 - goes up to $3 or $4 occasionally on weekends

Greystripe full screen interstitial - $1.5 but been rising to $4 or $5 (with a peak one weekend of $9) per day.

So combined this is about:

$3 + $1.5 + $1.5 + $1.5 = $7.5 per day

For about 3800 DAU.

Or about $0.002 per DAU.

Another issue I am having is my session length is about 1.9 minutes (above the average for Entertainment i.e. 1.7 minute) - as reported by Flurry.

So I need to:

  • increase user engagement/session length

  • switch out from Greystripe to some better full screen ad format

  • may not be a better banner ad format than Admob (some suggest madvertise for european but say it’s low now, others suggest millennial media but if refresh rate is set to 60 - as it supposedly is set to 30 by default or something ??).

  • improve the app (it is a voice changer app so may not be something use for very long - as they might with a game etc.).

In addition, with about 150,000 total downloads, my “Active Users” base is only about 40,000 users.

But this is misleading also - as the “Active Users” are not accumulating with total downloads - i.e. there is an attrition rate there - so it is like a puddle in a stream which is being filled by running water - it’s height/level is determined by the inflow and outflow rates.

So essentially if there were no new installs my “Active User” base would start going down.

From AppBrain stats, I have:

about 2000 new installs every day
about 4000 user Daily Active Users (or 3800 as stated above)

So about 50% of daily users are returning users.

However my total “Active user” base count is barely increasing with these install numbers.

Which suggests there is attrition.

So when folks compare total downloads of an app reaching 1,000,000 as “good” - that is only part of the story.

To be able to make money off per-display ads - you need to have a good DAU as well (in fact the DAU IS the direct number impacting such ad revenue).

Now if the ad revenue is from StartApp - that is another story (I haven’t used it yet). With such a system - with 150,000 downloads I could have made (with the oft-stated 80% conversion rate):

2000 new installs per day and $0.018 per user StartApp average:

20000 x $0.018 = $36

Which is about 5x larger than my current ad setup.

Note however that StartApp is paying on a per-download basis (or 80% retention ratio times total downloads).

Similarly I suspect with “push ads” or “notification ads” the payout maybe more - as in many such cases the installation of your app will install the push notification system to the user’s phone - and they keep receiving ads even if the user is NOT using the app.

So you get paid in a way per-retained-download - and not per-use.

With current push ads - to comply with Google new policy - the ads would have to be removed if the app is removed (is that how it is ?).

If it was NOT possible to uninstall the push notification then that would be something else.

Then we come to GetJar and other gold coin type models - which is closer to Google in-app payment in terms of model - I don’t have data on that to comment yet.

Live wallpapers

You guys need to ask leadbolt for weeklies, I do alot of advertiser stuff with them and just started publisher, but once I start doing 3-4k a week publisher side, I’m going to tell them weekly or I leave, don’t let them tell you otherwise, they can afford to pay you weekly, they just make up excuses