Testing AppBrain for promotion

I’ve just released a new game - a complicated puzzle platformer that will probably be hard to make popular… - and am testing AppBrain for promoting it. I’ve put $100 for now to check how it will go. Will post stats if anyone is interested. For now 1 install from 5 clicks. I’ve limited the ads to Europe, Canada and USA.

How much did you bid for an install?

The last time I used AppBrain I chose to bid 0.2 per install with a 100$ budget. The money was gone in minutes :wink:

0.2$ but only for limited countries. Seems to be going quite slowly (after a few hours):

Impressions - 1,015
Clicks - 17
CTR - 1.67%
Installs - 3
IR - 0.30%
Avg. CPI - $0.20
Total cost - $0.60

please keep us updated, im thinking about running a campaign with them because they have low cpi bid of 0.2$ which i can get it back from ads if i target UK

do they have a good category targeting system?

3,386 impressions
22 clicks
0.65% CTR
8 installs

Not good. I don’t think it has much sense to continue like that. I’ve raised the bid to $0.4 (they predict 100 installs for that bid), I will see how it goes. It’s only an experiment. The goal would be to get to the 1000+ install group with this and some house ads till the end of the weekend.

I have tried to run a small AppBrain campaign once. At that time I have noticed, that AppBrain campaigns might be starting slowly/gradually. It took 2 days for the campaign to “warm up”, then the number of impressions stabilized: 300->1000->1500.

Ideal would be advertising your app in the ad space of similar user type, genre, or similar apps. And MOST IDEALLY in your COMPETITOR’s apps !!

I seem to recall there was some way to pick the apps you advertise in - some of the ad networks show ads currently running (mmedia.com and some others).

So if you target specifically those apps you may have better conversion - though it all depends on numbers (so even ads in generic apps may give more numbers) - but I guess the ones from matching apps will give better RETENTION (i.e. will look better to Google ranking algorithms etc.).

Yeah, for me it would be great to advertise in other platformer games. I have 55 installs now, which cost me $15.20. I lowered the bid to 0.36, but will probably lower it back to 0.20 when I get 100 installs.
I don’t remember, maybe someone will help me - the 30 days for top new free begins when you get on that list for the first time or when you release the game? Because I don’t know if it’s worth advertising before getting there…

I guess it begins as soon as you release the app/game. At least in my case the downloads in the first 30 days are quite high in contrast to the download numbers after 30 days.

Damn, I was hoping for a different answer. :slight_smile: At this speed it might take me a week to be at the bottom of that list. :slight_smile: And admob house ads don’t work, so I can’t boost it. :frowning:

risky move you did with that game considering how well you are doing with more “classic” ones. hope it becomes popular though :wink:

I’ve also noticed this, that the downloads start gradually and then ramp up. I promoted an app with a $1000 budget. Was able to get approx. 1000 installs per day for $0.20 per install by the end of the campaign. I wad targetting about 15 countries.

Right now I have 120 installs, 32 dollars gone. :slight_smile:

Yes Magnesus should get higher numbers today and next days. Hope he reaches his goal.

Did investing $1000 pay off?

I have made back about $700 with the app in about 3 months (no aggressive ads). The initial investment got me about 5k downloads, this helped me get to about 130th in top new for my category. By the end of the 30 days I was getting about 1500 installs per day. Ended up with over 40k installs by the end of the 30 days, so I’d say that’s pretty good for $1000. Now that I’m out of the top new, I get about 300 installs per day.

235 installs for $52 right now. I’m not sure where I am on top new lists, in my country only on list for tablets.

Well, I’m easily bored which is why I decided to make one “classic” app and then one fun, original app, and then again classic one and then again original etc. After this I will make something more certain to have a success.

The plan for Monday: change the icon and description and update with a small improvements that will also slow down interstitials a little (I have too high eCPM for some reason).

As for top new lists - have you checked on Appannie?

Good idea. I will check Appannie tomorrow. I always forget about it. :slight_smile:

Just checked :wink:

Poland - 133
USA - None
UK - None
Germany - None

Haven’t checked another countries.

IMHO, you should update your most popular app - insert there custom screen (maybe at exit) describing lost heroes (with nice screenshot) and ask ppl if they would like to install it.

Yeah, I will do that. The Poland info is strange, because I don’t see it from Poland on the list. :slight_smile: