Testing Admob Interstitials

i want to share my experience after doing Admob interstitial.

before interstitial (only bottom banners) i get around $0.4, now i get $1.2 everage for all apps, 300% increase!
only 3 days but the result are fantastic.

this is a comparison between Admob interstitial and another popular ad network (1:1 impressions) :

Europe : $2.24 vs $1.3
Indian : $1.24 vs $0.60
Russia : $1.14 vs $ 0.42
South East Asia : $0.9 - 1.3 vs $0.3 - 1
Latin America : $ 0.9 - 2.16 vs $0.3 - 1.56

hope this helps…

Interstitials are always going to perform much better than banners as they are more engaging, take all of the user’s attention and often look more attractive too.

You can generally show more banner ads than interstitials though. A combination of the two is nearly always a winner, depending on the app/game.

What network were you comparing Admob interstitials to?

I use a combo of the two (banners and int.) - but I think it`s also important where you place them and when they appear. I have set the interstitials to appear rarely and this is why I don’t see that much of a difference - but still - they do bring some improvements.

im reserving my interstitials before getting at least 10000 download and good rating.
before admob interstitials, i tried several ad network, and the result is so so, im not expecting admob to be this good.

Interstitials bring over 80% of my total revenue, even though my banner/interstitial impressions are split 50/50

Banners and Int. is the way to go. Cant overdo the Int. ads tho, as Admob has spec for this and could stop showing if they see too much activity.

True, two things
1)Users will go away with overdo of int. ads
2)admob may ban you (they says not more than 5 interstitials per app session)

hmmm… never knew about this. is it in the tos?
can you automatically schedule the interstitial without changing the code?

Try this links