Terrible eCPM from Admob after the holidays

My Admob banner earnings have dropped to a record low after the holidays. I am getting eCPM 50% lower than early December and 75% lower compared to late December.

50% of impressions are served to the USA, followed by UK, France, Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy, Netherlands. So only top countries in the list (>75% of the impressions). eCPM is now €0.30.

Are you experiencing such big drops too?

Yes yes im facing the same problem ! same number of request more number of clicks and yet ecpm and earning are down as hell ! whats going on ? :frowning:

Pretty much same here. I guess it’s true that the first weeks of January are low on earnings because many advertisers are on their holidays so there are not so many campaigns running currently. Hopefully it will be solved after the 15th. But still it’s very frustrating :confused:

Happens every year. Should start to pick up towards Spring time, but it varies between locations.

Last year for me it didn’t pick back up till about the end of March.

Yeah I find something similar in my apps with significant traffic from U.S and E.U, but other geos seem to rise again faster.
Actually thinking about, that would be a fantastic thing to gather some data on and present an analysis on.
I will see about gathering some data from now until Spring time and post an analysis.

The impressions or the eCPM?

From October to February I would expect more impressions because it’s winter in a lot of areas around the Globe and the day is shorter. During late spring and summer, when weather is not so cold and the days are longer, I expect people to spend more time outside than inside.

Impression for me stays about the same regardless of what time of year (except Nov. and Dec.). But my ecpm started going back up at the end of march.

Impressions are up but ctr way down, I’m still doing better now after the holidays than before, I have similiar traffic to you.

Did you guys not look at the ads admob is serving now. Its all shitty “Download a song for Rs 5” or “Download Sunny Leone wallpapers for Rs 5” ads. Who is gonna want to see them, leave clicking on them apart.

these ads are only for india javaexp. other geo’s have some different ads

But these ads do reduce the CTR and hence admob algorithm will generate less revenue. I think U.S. would also be seeing such campaigns more often now hence low CTR.

I seem to be running a shitload of MoboGenie Play Store ads on AdMob. I know MoboGenie has affiliate programs paying something like 15 cents per install. How can it be profitable for affiliate marketers to buy clicks from AdMob if they get 15 cents per install?

Most of the ads I am seeing now in Romania are the “Your phone is infected with a virus” type of flashing ad. I suspect those have a higher effect than the normal banners? Or have the users smartened up and realize it’s a scam?

It’s also against Google rules. But since AdMob is running it…

I have nearly same thing. It is very disappointing :frowning: Also my downloads decreased %50 after holidays.

In my experience CPC with Admob also dropped 2 times lower than in last September. Does anyone know any good alternative network to patch for that awful period?

I once loved admob…Unbenannt.jpg

Hello Armando,
What is your CTR ? Where does your traffic come from ? My eCPM is never reach $0.7. So sad :frowning:

It started for me too too. Time to move more traffic back to MMedia I suppose.