I removed the ingame ad for my game and replaced it with a tapfortap ad. It’s kind of like AdDuplux but has a better ratio. I figured nobody was clicking on the ingame ad anyway and since admob is pay per click those weren’t doing me any good.

I’ll let you know if there’s any success using this for visibility. For those who don’t know, the way it works is for every ad you show, your ad gets displayed somewhere. They credit you a 1000 impressions to start.

It can’t hurt to try :slight_smile:

For reference, swappit.com does the same thing. I think you get 80 return impressions for every impression you display.

Swappit gives 80 impressions for every 100 you display. The other 20 are their own ads, which is how they make revenue. AdDuplex is the same I believe.

Yup… 80 for every 100, my bad (typo!).

Of note… you can exploit these if you have a reasonably high advert volume app and some time, since most of them work on a impression for impression model.

Sooo… set your refresh to 30 seconds (screw the CTR!!!) and build up a large inventory of impressions that are ‘owed’ to you over a period of time… ohh… like over 10 million :slight_smile:

Once you are ready to launch your new app… put it up on the store, then startup your advertising. At this rate, you will get some traction, because you are basically able to push out millions of advert impressions.

All it costs you is time and lost revenue… :frowning:


  1. Test the service really does send out adverts BEFORE you decide to bank lots of impressions with them…
  2. I think these companies will figure out pretty quick that impression for impression is a bad model… sell them banners and post full-screen ads on a 1-to-1 model ? Not so good for them !

Wow 10 million. lol, ya my game gets nowhere near the impressions to generate that kinda volume. I’m one of the poor slobs slumming it with 190 downloads.

TapforTap is 1 to 1. But the way they do it is show 2 ads (half the width as a normal ad), side by side. For every one of those you show you get 1 credit earned. And when your ad (at half width) is displayed you spend a credit. So basically your ad will appear more often than it will on AdDuplex or Swappit, but it will be alongside another app’s ad, which might potentially look more interesting and get the click. Also, their refresh is 120 seconds long (I asked when it didn’t seem to rotate). And that can’t be changed. But so far the biggest drawback is that it’s new. There’s not many using it. I have 2000 credits earned and in the last 4 hours my ad has been served 7 times.

And anyone who’s ever tried to run an admob campaign knows, you need millions of impressions to get any kind of decent download figures. So I hope this improves.

I’ll keep u guys updated. Save u the trouble if it’s not worth the time to implement.

Awesome, thanks! Keep us posted! :slight_smile:

By the way http://tapgage.com/ do click exchange too, with an app wall, so that’s worth trying. I haven’t tested them yet though…

Whats the verdict on tap for tap, akaliel? Thanks.

Well I don’t have a popular game, so my sample size is rather small. But what I did was run an amob campaign and gained a bunch of downloads. As soon as it was over I lost 25% of my active installs within 2 weeks. I installed tapfortap and i not only gained those back but am about double what I was it when I installed it. So worth it I think. I’m still working on getting those users to play it more often with more game modes and better ones. What. I did was put tapfortap on the main menu screen and AdMob in gameplay

Seems like the ad-mob campaign has paid off for you. I’m real interested in if you can increase downloads with an ad-mob campaign for a reasonable price. How much money did you invest? Would you do it again?

You will definitely increase downloads. But I can’t say it paid off. I paid the minimum, which was 50 bucks. I’m almost halfway to making my money back. But I was tired of getting 3 downloads a day. I would do it again. Once I’ve made my game better. Almost done, and I’ll let u know how my second try goes.

How much did you set the minimum bid for the ads? Did you use a low minimum bid for max impressions or a higher one for quality impressions? Any body trasnfered their earnings to ad balance? You can’t do it anymore, but wondering if anyone has invest a good bit of money and what the best minium bid is? Also if there’s any good ideas for targeting?

Just go 1 cent for your bid. There is a lot of click fraud. And I mean a lot. Somewhere around 97% of clicks are accidental or fraud. So if u pay $50 that’ll get u 5000 clicks. Which will turn into a around150 downloads. That was my experience.

Say you used a higher bid, would the clicks turn into more downloads? I wonder what the ratio is? 1 cent 5000 clicks 150 downloads. Thats .33 cent per download. What if you set bid at .30 would be 166 clicks X downloads. I wonder if it would work out to more downloads? At .30 you would have to have over 90% click to download rate to match the 150 downloads at .01 cent. Think maybe your right.

I don’t think it makes a difference, except that when someone clicks your ad to artificially raise the ecpm in their app, it costs u a 30 cents instead of a penny.

Users click on an advert, and it takes them to a link. They are then NOT downloading your game and you are blaming click fraud ?

Maybe you should take another look at the landing page they arrive at. They are CHOOSING NOT TO INSTALL.

Pro-tip: read up on A/B testing.

Oh sure, plenty of clicks that don’t get downloads are a result of not selling your product. However, Click fraud accounts for much of the ad clicks. People have ran analytics on their ads and this has been shown. I found that when I ran my ad in Asia only I got 0 downloads but 1000 clicks in less than 60 seconds. When I ran it in the US only it took 6 hours to get 1000 clicks and i got 80 downloads.

One fellow reposted that his analytics showed him one user clicked on his ad 487 times and bounced off his landing Page before it even loaded, every time.
And yes, u should try to make your landing Page as appealing as possible for the users that are there legitimately. Or you’re throwing your money away.

Got a link for that information ?

I know that ad companies filter bogus clicks (eg: double clicks) when it comes to payment, but I don’t know if they pass that ‘saving’ on to the person paying for clicks (I assume so, but who knows!)

Before I ran the campaign I googled “AdMob campaign worth it” or something like that. There were a few successes stories, a lot of failures. Sometimes the app or game just isn’t good and so nothing could save it. But there was a lot of talk on click fraud. And no I don’t have a link. Believe me or don’t. I don’t care. I’m just passing on what I’ve learned. I do find it hard to believe I’d get 1000 legitimate clicks from non-english speaking countries to an English spelling game in under a minute. And AdMob certainly does filter out fraudulent clicks. And they certainly don’t refund u for it.
I do recommend tapfortap though. Slower build than an AdMob campaign but it costs u nothing.

Hi guys,
I want to understand better TapforTap.
I’m actually reading the info to integrate their SDK into my app but they ask for permission READ_PHONE_STATE.
I’m a bit scared about this permission because could steal user info.
Am I right?
Another question is how you integrate this TapfosTap with admob or other ad networks?
Is it possible to integrate into mopub?


It probably just does that so it can pause ad displays if u get a call. Although that’s just a guess, I can’t be certain. With AdMob I don’t display both ads on the same screen. I use tapfortap on my main menu and AdMob in my gameplay screen.