TapContext not paying

TapContext not paying my money, Do you have same issue ?
Their minimum payout limit is $250 , I have reached $272 but they didn’t pay.
I have opened a ticket in their support system but no one answered.

What should I do ?
Any suggestions ? 
Are they really paying ?

For what month?

i have same problème Tapcontext not pay me my 280 dollar Net30 ( it pay net 30 ) i Send 6 messages with tiket but no one answered from 1 decembre . in ticket “No data available in table”

same here, i requested 280$ and nothing, support - nothing

Did you request your money in payouts tab?

yes, requested

Hello @droider, @yassin123441, @ramzixp… would you please PM us the email address you used to sign up to TapContext? I will pass that information over to your account representative and we will get things taken care of for you.


Yes, my settings is set to auto request.

For this month.

For december? It’s not over yet. If you mean earnings for November you get it on the 30th december. They pay on NET30.

Done, your support replied me, my payments will be make before 31 December

No, You are wrong. They are not pay NET30. I earned the money on August and it is more more over $250. But They split my money into months and they are paying little amounts of money. Because of that, my money didn’t reached $250 until November 30. But even if they are splitting They should have been sent my money on November 30 not on December 31.

So do not misdirect people, TapContext not pays 30. If you earn for example $400 you will get your entire money after 8 or 9 months later. Thats the truth!

Dude, I work with them for around 6 months now. They pay net30, but you’re right, the split earnings in 6 parts. First part is paid on net30 basis. If you’re above $250. Stupid system. I’m leaving them just because of this. Cause you’ll never get your last 3 or 4 months, once you stop working.

Support send me a mail yesterday " Wire minimum payment is $1000. Do you want to wait until you reach $1000? Or you want paypal or check to address on file? "
i request to pay me with paypal but no answer . i expect .


They either responsing me and either sending the money. I’ve accumulate around $350. Have you guys got ur payment?.

Thanks in advance,

I believe TapContext should win the award of the worst ad network of the year .
They don’t pay in time , they have one only ad that sucks so bad , and they only give you third of what you make and they call it an innovation way of payment
it was my biggest mistake using them for a month

bad ad network. bad support.

They didn’t send me money… I’m waiting too long… Every month is a fight to get money from them… VERY BAD COMPANY. Also support sucks

Are you using PayPal or wire transfer?