TapContext not paying

I had more than 1k, so they should sent it to me by wire.

man, it is really shit, really. They take the money from advertisers in advance, but paying to developers some with net60, some with net45, some - like tapcontext within 6 months, from some it is even hard to get money…

I’ve always received my payments from them on time through PayPal, the last one was for less than $500

Tap Context not processing my payments , and support also not replying from last couple of months

Same here, more than 1k and Tapcontext not answering my emails and not paying in months. And the stats since September are all 0, seams that the company is closing like senddroid.

TapContext is probably dead company, they just use code like:

if(userPayment > 1000)

Got same problem with them, and sorry for all of You guys :confused: