Tap the Box- Brain and puzzle game with real physics mechanics

Hey guys, we just released our new game Tap the Box. Here is the description:

Tap the Box is a simple and fun physics puzzler. The objective is easy: Get the jewel on top of the Golden Box. Experiment with real physics as you play with different types of boxes and ropes to figure out the solutions to over 80 progressively difficult levels. Tap the boxes to destroy them or cut the ropes to achieve the goal!
Tap the Box will challenge your intelligence and skill!
Collect as many stars as you can to unlock the next levels. Show everyone you have what it takes to gather all 240 stars! If you get frustrated with any level you can always join our Facebook page and watch a video solution. For maximum bragging rights, we encourage you to figure it out on your own ;-).
Tap the Box key features includes:

  • 80 levels to complete and 240 stars to earn
  • 10 different types of boxes including: Explosive, Ice & Balloon boxes
  • Rope system incorporated to add more fun
  • Beautiful HD graphics
  • A relaxing bossa nova soundtrack to enhance focus
  • Video solutions for all the levels
    -100% Free
    Feel free to contact us and let us know any question, comment or suggestion. Enjoy Tap the Box.

Promotional video: Tap the Box Promo Video - YouTube

You can download the game here for free: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leodesol.games.tapthebox&hl=en

Hope you play it and enjoy it ;-). I would really appreciate if you could help spread the word!

Thank you!






I think in your 3rd screenshot it should say Swipe and not Swype?
Looks great apart from that :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes after release. Looks great, should have many downloads.

I and along with many others on this forum had tested this game when in stage

yes, and i thank you all for that :wink:

what do you think about the “final” results?

It should be a hit ,
At least like construction city ,
Good luck and please keep us updated with your numbers

If it becomes half a hit as Construction City, ill send you a large box with the best Chilean wines!

Looks cool, good luck :cool:

How are you promoting it. I think Construction city was promoted on facebook with people having 80K likes

We plan to spend some money advertising it, plus mouth to mouth and a banner we are placing in my brothers app which currently has 4k downloads/day

The game looks great! I could definitely spend some time with it.

I have one feedback. When you start/restart a level you show the text “Get Ready!” and you can’t tap on the boxes when it’s showing. Do you need that time to load some stuff before the level can start? Otherwise I would remove it or atleast make the time it’s showing shorter. It feels (in my opinion) a bit unnecessary, especially when you restart a level a few times in a row.

Good luck to you!

I would also recommend, introducing like bonus level, in exchange for like on Facebook, it will be a great way to gather players to use them latter for marketing purposes (and obviously keep them up with news about current one)

In my game, after less than 2 months, it gave me 61,000 likes on Facebook page, so it will be great for future marketing.

Integrating facebook sdk is pain as you need to create app on facebook and then use the id and there was some openssl stuff. Is there any fool proof guide you followed or just hit and trial?

Yes, that’s why I also avoided the facebook integration - too many hoops to jump was one hurdle (not being Android intent friendly etc.) - but secondly that they want you to be on facebook and use your personal profile for developer stuff.

It would be simpler if facebook were to face attrition (already underway with folks starting to use individual messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line etc.) - then we wouldn’t have to bother with that.

But Facebook is an essential strategy for many games (like Candy Crush Saga) - and while it’s value for a low popularity game maybe ok - you may get some boost - but it may not be viral - for a bigger game (like Construction City) - one would think facebook would be essential - since there it has the potential to become viral - or get a further 10x boost.

It seems getsocialize.com etc. make it much easier to implement facebook etc. - however the have-to-sign-up-as-a-facebook-minion is a requirement that is still there.

In my game I am NOT using Facebook SDK, in fact, when player click on the bonus level icon, he is asked to like our Facebook page, but its getting unlocked straight after clicking okay (and being redirected to our Facebook) yes, it meant someone actually can avoid liking it, but its not a big loss, and as I can see from my own experience its easy quick and painless way to gather audience.

The “catch” i got is that you can find the solutions of the levels in the facebook page. The users don’t really need to like the page to watch the videos but they dont know that :wink: and i always mention to join the facebook page to access to the video solutions. So far i got 20 likes and about 2000 downloads, 1% not that bad. I can estimate you got around 1.5% ? (67000 likes ovcer 4.5 million downloads?)

Yeah its something like that (62k likes, 4.8M downloads) good that your solutions works as well.

Fantastic game, congrats Baksai!! :slight_smile:

congrats , the game is really fantastic and i wish you the best really !
can i ask where you got your game art done plz ? if you mind sharing just pm me

Congrats. The game looks very polished. Hope that it is going to be successful.
Is your app description translated into other languages too?