Tap the Box- Brain and puzzle game with real physics mechanics

so in 4 days you have got 1000+ installs. I think you should spend some money on buying installs so as to reach 5000+ and move to top new free to experience the rocket ride. Without buying installs it would take around 15 days to reach 5000+ and you would only get 15 days for top new free.

Guys experienced in this, do share suggestions and help boost this game. Many developers seem to be closely watching the progress of this game.

He could get a boost… he just didn’t wait))
Hope u will make it.

thanks for the best wishes. I can tell you the art was done by an artist i hired on odesk.com. I would prefer to keep the name of the contractor to myself, cause i am planning to offer him a new job offer :wink:

The app description and strings are translated to Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German & French

I had 850 installs for my first and second days. I do have a marketing plan for the first 30 days that i prefer to tell after. Anyway, it is easily traceable :wink:

One thing i suggest to try is to translate it to all the possible languages because you never know where it might become popular. For two weeks my game struggled 300-500 downloads a day and when i added translation via google the download rate jumped 10 times bigger in just 48 hours. Now i get around 5-6k installs daily and most of downloads are coming from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Russia. My only regret is that i waited for 2 weeks before decided to spoil my game description with horrible google translate. If i did it sooner my download would be over 100k right now.

I didnt get that part. So, did you use google translate or another service? Was it only the description or the strings also?

Sorry for the confusion. I only used google translate and only translated the description and the name.

Now to think back that was another mistake i made. Since my app was popular in Russia, Saudi Arabia and Turkey i should have hired a translation business to make a proper translation for me. It would probably helped me to drive more downloads. It would only cost me 30-40 dollars.

So my final suggestion is to use google to translate the description to every possible language. Then take note the most popular countries that are downloading your app and buy a service to translate the description properly for those countries.

But you still multiplied your installs x10 with Google Translate translations right?

Yep. I cannot think any other reason why my downloads suddenly increased. Either it was that i used google translate and got more exposure in other countries or it was just an incredibly lucky miracle that somehow people decided to download my app all at once.
I bet my chips on the first option.

This makes sense that even though it may not be a foolproof way - a foolproof way may not be required to have it work for the majority of users.

So you mean just launch do an intent to browser with your facebook url ?

Hey. How is your game doing at the market right now?

It is fighting to get out of the mud and stand out ;-). Counting yesterdays downloads, we got around 11k (in 9 days), i think these 2 following weeks are going to tell us how popular the game can be

With 11K you should be in new free list in some country. Do check your ranking in appannie.

Yeah, i know, i am watching it closely ;-). I currently appear in 6 small countries

Hmm … i would have expected Tap The Box to be getting bigger downloads by now - any promotions to forums etc. ?

Optimized keywords in Description etc. (as far as you could tell) - I am assuming has been done.

In retrospect I wonder if a “Christmas Theme” version of it may have been more appropriate (!) - i.e. Tap The Box for Christmas or some stuff (!).

I have been kind of lazy regarding the forum posts, but i guess is not that late yet…

is there any place where i can get a list of forums to post the game?

PD: Christmas theme could have been a good idea!

Still not too late - maybe change the title only (!!) to:

Tap The Box This Christmas
Tap the Christmas Box

Tap the Angry Birds in Box (just kidding) - where the boxes have birds in them (hey - how’s that for next iteration - as you tap - the box explodes and suddenly the game becomes much less violent and about freedom for birds !)

I’ve seen list of forums to post on in this forum - so maybe they can repost.

However, I haven’t heard anyone say that posting on forums or review sites (even the paid ones) made a big difference.

Some suggestions:

  • You could consider adding a few easy levels at the beginning

  • One thing I noted after a few levels is that the game becomes hard but the solution seems to be a cleverly timed exploding of boxes - so it becomes less about puzzle solving but examing the physics and trying to see if one can make a chaotic sequence of events somehow do what is required (even if it is not reproducable as much). At which point the game becomes more of a lottery and bases success of a level on playing the level a few times. So it may indicate less puzzle solving (just from looking at the puzzle at the beginning) - and more about “observing a system” and how it evolves and then basically coming up with a solution AFTER seeing how things fall/move. No this is completely a different style of problem solving - and maybe valuable in it’s own right - but it may not be what some users expect in such a game - where they would think it would be more a “static” solution solving. Your is a dynamic solution solving puzzle (at the high difficulty levels) where the skill required is not a carefully thought out solution, but a one that is generated by the seat of one’s pants (i.e. intuitively) after watching how things move on screen. And thus some users maybe inclined to think it is not their smartness which is being valued but trial and error … or something like that …

  • one thing you could consider changing - is the margin for getting 3 stars. It is near impossible to get 3 stars - and users will quickly get that sense after seeing that things happen as outcome of chaotic events (as outlined above). If that is to happen, then maybe make the 3 star region a bit bigger. One nuance you may consider adding is perhaps a slight depression in the middle of the golden brick - where if things are right the jewel falls into. If the space for 3 star is not there - perhaps consider making the golden brick a bit wider.

Anyway just some ideas - not necessarily all appropriate because I realize there are always ups/downs to each of the decisions you have made in the game to balance things etc. …

Following previous thread - free-associating for titles:

Free the Birds - Tap The Box
x------30 characters---------x

I’m sure “free the birds” will have a much more positive message for parents looking for games for their small kids.

I am getting the feeling someone else is going to be doing this.

But should be easier for you - just replace the puff of smoke animation with one of bird(s) flying away …

One thing positive for your app is that your “Similar Apps” section is FILLED with Cut the Rope apps - which means Google is starting to tie the relationship with you. This means IF you start to appear higher on Cut the Rope’s Similar Apps list sometime in the future, you will suddenly see a surge of downloads.

You could (in addition to appannie.com etc.) - watch the Similar Apps section on Cut the Rope to see where your app is placing there which could be more valuable.
Currently I can’t see Tap the Box there (because there is a lot of competition from other perhaps older apps) - but with time that connection may grow.

You do seem to have the facebook etc. stuff (your solutions being on facebook).

One thing I suggested earlier maybe important - your admob interstitial repeat interval is too short. There was a very short time between the first and second time I saw that ad.
Have you worked on increasing the virality element - i.e. user-to-user amplification ?