StartApp May Payments

Hi everyone,
Has anyone recieved there May payments from StartApp?

I have not received a payment in May of startApp :frowning:
what already exists is receiving?

April payments were made early last month thats why i was questioning whether anyone has recieved May yet.

I already did couple days ago, paypal

You have received a payment in May of startApp?

payment of May I got couple days ago. Although in website it still writes “pending”.

congratulations friend, I’m still waiting, Because to date payment has not been paid for the month of May. :frowning:

I got it 5days ago via bank wire

does anyone ever experienced anything like me?

Me. I got my payments around a week ago. Very fast payment. Thanks to Startapp!

what should I do?

Try sending ticket or contact via skype. They have nice support

Woah… Nice to see you guys are really being paid. coz i was scared that startapp was a scam. I registered just 5-10 days and i almost reached $100. I hope they pay my June payments in August :slight_smile:

A few months ago startApp always paid me on time on the 28th of each month. but for the month of May I have not received payment on June 28th, I hope the manager StarApp immediately respond to my complaint.

For the Earnings of May 1-31 you will be paid on July 1. That’s the actual date of your payment. You may have got early payments for certain months. Wait patiently and see if they pay you before July 10th.

@jhonero Did you recieve a reply from Startapp for the email you sent them?

yes i received a reply one time and so far have not received a reply again, I am still waiting for a reply from the startApp hopefully my hard work results in May soon be resolved, how about you?

No payment yet, I’m still waiting

you have got a response from startApp?

No response, no payment still waiting…