Startapp December Payment via Wire Transfer ?

Waiting for December payments…

Hello Startapp rep,
please kindly help explaining what is actually going on with some of us not get paid yet, this is kind of starting to scare me, Even though I already got paid, I got a bit scared now for next month payment if this issue still occurring, since I’m indeed waiting for next month payment to pay the rent or else I’m out on the street.

at least you already got paid, still haven’t receive wire transfer payment up to now…what’s really happening @startapp ???

Disappointed with Startapp.

Did anyone get any feedback from them? I’ve wrote e-mail to them on friday but still didn’t receive any answer…

I 've wrote e-mail to them 12 day ago

today is 17 and what the f are they doing? still waiting for the money. we have families to feed and rents to pay :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I have just received e-mail from startapp that their payment processor was still not repaired on friday. They, of course, apologized and wrote that payment should be till wednesday.

You should receive your payment by Wednesday at the latest.:confused: From StartApp


Quick follow up here and some info -

We are using a 3rd party payment management system, we’ve been using them for a while now and things have been super smooth (as all of you know). For some odd reason, but as sometimes happens with these sort of systems, there was a bug with eCheck and wire transfers.

The bug caused hundreds of our developers to receive two transfers, for the same amount. So if you were supposed to get $1000, you got two transfers of $1000 each. This is why some of you reported that your banks said we are asking for the money back.

This issue was resolved, and started a very long process of re-paying those of you who may have not received the money at all.

From what I understood, the bank wires should all have been made, and the eChecks should be all done and cleared in your accounts by Wednesday.

We’ve been in this industry long, and we know how valuable this is. We also hope that you know how rare this is for us.

Apologies again, we’ll do our absolute best this won’t happen again!


Hello Ariel,

I got payment via paypal long time ago, but I still see that amount on my “pending earnings”, I should report or it is normal and it will disappear by next month?

Good news from few of my friends… they have received money today wire transfers…though i havent yet received it… but ill surly get it tomorrow…

I would say “all’s well that ends well”…
Thanks for the reply Ariel.

I didn’t get any payment yet for this month. But I trust Startapp :slight_smile:

Me too, been emailing them, all i get is we are sorry for the delay

Still waiting. Very Very bad startapp. :mad:

I have received my money , yesterday . :slight_smile:

Waoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo got money. :slight_smile:

congrats guys, startapp is solid indeed

I still haven’t received the payment :"(

Me too!.. :frowning: