Startapp December Payment via Wire Transfer ?

I still haven’t received december payments via wire, I sent out an email to support just now @startapp . I hope I receive payment soon.

Hello everyone… 1st i havent received my startapp december payment yet. i have mailed them but today too no sign of receiving the money. And right now the website of startapp is not opening. i dont know what the issue is about. lets hope all is well and all is right.

Still haven’t received. They said the payment was processed on Friday and money will come in couple days.

still waiting for the money :frowning:

Me too, waiting always makes me feel … -_-

I also still didn’t get december payment :eek:

I’m really sorry to hear that some of you guys are not receiving the payment yet, hopefully this issue will not occur again in next month payment.
it seem tipalti payment system had some trouble during lunar years holiday, not really sure why.

try to contact your local bank, and make sure that you guys are expecting to receive some payment from , I do this before and they told me that there is indeed a transaction recorded in the morning and then my local bank will processed on afternoon.

good luck

I just checked my account, still no payment received for wire transfer for startapp :frowning:

me too :frowning:
So sad .
Tomorrow → 14/3 → Valentine → No money → stay at home → Sleep :frowning:

Still Waiting. :mad:


Funds should arrive at all of your accounts today/tomorrow.

Again, we apologize about this rare payment issue!


changed since ye … intermediary bank last month and this delays, as I say, ye have changed since the management of payments to the new company.
I only say one thing more important than campaigns you have, more important than ecpm, cpm, cpc etc that you may have. The most important thing is always timely payment. It’s probably the first thing that your valued users, among whom I include myself.
However that said, say that I was assured that the payment would come 120%, but delays are not good for people’s opinion.
you who have to consider the savings of managed exchange payments to new company compensates you can think users.
A greeting.

I feel a little bit disappointed with StartApp this month.

I accept the delay but not that long - almost 2 weeks is so unacceptable :frowning:

I really hope they won’t let it happen in the future :frowning:

Does anyone received payment? I still don’t see mine.

Can anyone tell me what’s the latest updates from startapp?? Yesterday they told payments will me made on 13th or 14th, that means we should have received money by yesterday or today. But today there are to sign of receiving money or any intimations from our bank . Please tell us know what are the latest updates from startapp.
We are based at India.

The are saying that all payement have been processed and for the delay we will receive it on Bank account yesterday/Today.
So waiting :confused:

I received my payment by wire in 02/07/2014 :expressionless:

lol. same here :smiley: :smiley:

Time out …
Still waiting for the money
I need a reason from you.

Its monday…! no sign of receiving money…!!! we want a genuine reply from startapp…!!! Please let us know the exact situations about the payment as we need to pay salary to our staff… its hightime for us…

Please StartApp give us a genuine reply and let us know the situation… yet waiting for the december payments.