Startapp December Payment via Wire Transfer ?

Hi guys, anyone has received
Startapp December Payment via Wire Transfer yet ?

I got the processing email on 2 February, but up till now 6 February 2014,
I still hasn’t received any payment yet in my local bank (more than 3 days)

anyone has the same situation ?

warm regards

me too. Where are you?

I think they not yet send money.

Maybe he’s in Vietnam too LOL

Hi, I’m from Indonesia

maybe there is some issue toward south east asia region due to lunar days weekend.
cheers and warm regard from Indonesian friend


will confirm again tomorrow or maybe next Monday after I got the payment

Happy new year :slight_smile:

I just got reply from Matthew Startapp,

it appears that startapp bank had some issue with all of echeck and wire transfer for December payment,
the payment is re-sent today according to startapp.

so we need to wait a couple more days for this payment, probably by monday.

It’s mean they lie with me. They said that they was sent payment but my local bank not yet accept transfer.

Keep calm and … wait again -_-

I always get till 10th of every month so waiting… :smiley:

I have been with startapp since almost 1 year ago (around 9 month now) from the day the icon ads and push notif.
and startapp almost never let me down especially with payment. no worries there

Startapp is doing something funny this month. I got the money and then today my bank rep called me saying startapp is now requesting the money to be sent back to them?

What? LOL. I told them don’t send back anything. Checking with Startapp on whats the issue. I will update later.

really? LOL . Very funny. but I think startapp always good company with me.

Now startapp tells me to send the money back. However, I am going to dispute it since that will add more charges on my side. I don’t know why they created this mess.

Startapp is a good company IMO, always paid on time. Seems like their payment processor screwed up this time.

News Feed:
February payments will be submitted on February 2. Payments via eCheck and Wire Transfer may take a few days to appear.

woodenboxlwp, did you receive the payment?


sorry for late confirmation,
Yes, I have received the payment from startapp via wire on Friday 07 February 2014,
I got at around 17.00 afternoon, my local bank just got a little bit slow to process it, but at the end of the day I received the payment.

Thanks a lot startapp.

im still waiting. i got the confirmation email feb 02. still waiting :frowning:

Hey Everyone,

Sorry about this very rare slip up with the wire transfer.

I urge anyone that has yet to receive the payment to contact [email protected] so we can resolve this ASAP.

Have a great week everyone!


Got my payment today
Thank you @startapp