So, who shows interstitials on back button?


Who shows interstitials on back button? I’m still showing them.

In my games using back button works that way:

game play screen -> level select screen -> [AD] level pack select screen -> main menu -> desktop

So, those aren’t exit ads, only ads between screens in my game. I think it should be allowed.

AFAIK it’s allowed and I am using similar to some of my apps…

I particularly don’t use interstitial ads, I prefer to go with video ads to reward the player.

I think Google bots check on random days, on random countries and on random developers.

You might survive even upto 5 years or so.
But to rule out the fear, better follow what they want.

I survived for 2 years with exit ads. Tyen some day i got warnings for my 2 apps and removed exit ads for all the apps and made appeal again. They have resumed the ads again.

Warning from Google or AdMob? AdMob does not explicitly allows exit ads, but Google is not clear enough.

Got ads suspension from admob. Admob do not allow exit ads. But still it depends on them when they will catch you. It might take even 2-3 years or 1 day for their bots to find out.