Sign Up For Early Access To The New Android Developer Console

At Google I/O this year, a completely new version of the Android Market (no, sorry, Google Play) Developer Console was unveiled bringing some major improvements. Now as promised, Google has opened a signup form to all developers.

If you want to be one of the first to use the new Developer Console (and who wouldn’t?) you can sign up here.

Here’s the message shown to prospective previewers:


We have been working hard on building a new Google Play Developer Console that is faster and easier to use. We are putting on the finishing touches and will be ready to open the doors to the public soon.

If you would like to give the new design a test drive before this, please leave us your details and we will notify you when we are inviting new developers for early access.


So what do you think about the new interface? Has anyone got a chance to try it yet?

I signed up as soon at I saw it on Saturday and I have not been updated to the new Developer Console yet.

I just got a message, that is not longer possible to sign up xD

Yes, looks like the beta is closed for now. I imagine they got heaps of responses. Hopefully since they’ve stopped accepting signups, they’ll start actually releasing it soon.

I hope so, they have some really annoying bugs in the current console …

it does not show errors, on other pages than page 1 (you need to reload page to see them) … so you will never see them, if you do not check by yourself … very annoying

Also HOPEFULLY they finally made it possible to SORT your apps there OR show more apps on 1 screen. I am finding myself switching pages all the time

I believe they are accepting signups again, there was a link in my developer console today that let me signup for early access. Haven’t gotten the new console yet, but was able to signup for it.

confirmed, was also able to signup … let’s see if it makes any difference xD

They also had such an console update for analytics some time ago … even, when they had made it look better and maybe perform better, they sadly removed some features, like the dashboard over all your sites … i really miss that a bit :slight_smile:

I read about that google play developer console (new version) allows reply the users comments. Anybody try it? any screenshot?

has anybody already seen anything from the new console? me not

Here it is (In Italian):

Thanks, looks nice!

ey, why you already have it?? xD

Did they remove the overview/dashboard … or have you just selected an app for the screen … ? hopefully the dashboard stays . (i used to hate google because they removed the overview in analytics…)

unfortunally there is no overview anymore and for that reason I still prefere the old one :slight_smile:

so i have to be used to hate them again - why do they dismiss the overviews all the time??? I am happy, that adsense still has the overview, hopefully they will not ruin that too.

I mean, come on, what is the benefit of having every single app clicked and loaded just to see if there are any new comments … or ERRORS?? I now have really to click 10 apps in a row, just to see, if there is an error? Wth is the point of that?

I think you should use this that is absolutelly the best way for quick update:

thanks for info - finally an open source project - i’ll have a look at it :wink:

but because i am on the computer all the day, I like wbe versions, just to have a quick look during compiling something xD

You could create your own windows app in java:

hmm … the andlytics is still not that perfect as it could be … I end up waiting so much time to get the desired data and also, the notification is weird (whatever it says, it is truncated).

It does also not show where new comments were made … hopefully there will be some updates, will try to contribute to it somehow.

I always wanted to code me such an app (a simply info-only approach) but never had the time for going into dev api… maybe in the future, i just want simple information :slight_smile: (which i normally get in the dashboard which will be gone soon … aaaarg)

Thanks for the screenshot! I like how they’re integrating it into the new “Google style” we’re seeing all over Android-related properties.

Could you possibly share the URL for the new interface? I’m wondering if it’s possible to access directly, for those of us on the waiting list…

This is the start page of the new design:

Looks like they’ve still got room to add a “comments” and “errors” link like it currently is with the old design, so wouldn’t give up my hope about that yet.

IMHO, new design looks great :slight_smile:

the link to the new developer console seems to be“your account number”

You could always try going to your developer console (so the URL should be "“dev account number”) and remove the Home and add a /v2/ before, but it will most probably not work. :smiley:

Tell me if you want screenshots of anything else :slight_smile: