Robo Miner Artwork :-)

I’ve had a couple of time and so I decided to play with my graphical tools.

Robo Miner was (and is) a great success and so it deserves some images.

So, here are some images from Robo Miner and his developer xD Hope you like it :slight_smile:

They are not perfect, but I like them :wink: Gives Robo Miner a little bit of personality xD

Maybe I will try some sort of “new” marketing…


That was great!! Hey man I didn’t know you did 3D, what software did you use for that?

that’s a kombi of blender and gimp :wink:

Haha nice!!

I’m always amazed that Blender is free, it’s really complete!

Hahaha…great work, man!

Pretty cool. And tha’ts a sweet little ride you and Robo Miner have there.

Your car had me confused. At first I thought it was a Mazda mx6, but thats not right.
Then I looked at the logo a bit better and it has to be a toyota. But not a celica. I had to look again to see the targa roof, so it has to be a mr2 right?

Those are nice cars :slight_smile:

yes, it’s a customized '91 toyota mr2 (n/a) … happy to know, that the car is a nice eye catcher xD

reiti you live on tenerife?

almost … :slight_smile: gran canaria

Nice pictures! Definitely give a bit of personality to the robo miner :wink: Blender & GIMP are great tools. I’ve never learned how to use their full potential, but people like yourself continue to impress me with what can be created.

Blender, Gimp & Inkscape are great for Indy Developers or Artists - Blender is not what I would call “easy to work with” but if you get the hang of it, you can work with it very fast. I am not sure if Blender is good for anyone starting the first time in doing 3D Renderings … :slight_smile:

Gimp in the versions before 2.6 suffered from freeze very often … that was annoying. Happily they fixed it and now Gimp is a very good tool. In Combination with Inkscape this combination can get you nearly everything you need.

Kudos for this great and helpful pieces of software

Hehe I actually feel it’s the other way around for me.

Coming from Photoshop, I’ve only played around a little with GIMP but I found it very puzzling at times! Whereas Blender, I feel, is quite an amazing piece of software. Of course, it’s not as easy to use as 3dsMax or Maya (Or Modo, for that matter) but it’s a lot more straightforward than ZBrush, I think.

In case you’re wondering, I used to geek out about trying every piece of 3d software I could when I went to Digital Animaion school. It was tons of fun! :stuck_out_tongue: That was a long time ago, though so many of them are totally different now…

I never get around with photoshop - i always found it a very bad pice of software … they needed decades to make you zoom/move inside an image by just holding down Ctrl Key xD. It was not worth the price they wants.
Today it is differnent, PS is a big piece of software and just a bunch of people does really need or use them … Still today I am a lot faster with doing my tasks on photos with gimp than with PS … it is so much more straight forward, even when it is not capable of the more sophisticated tasks (normally I do all of them manually).

But I have to admit, that for example after effects is very good, and I didn’t found any adequate replacement for it … not even near … and i still don’t like adobe … :slight_smile:

Haha Adobe has very annoying things in their softwares, but they’re so customizable that you can usually disable or change the way they work. You just gotta get to know the software a little bit (same as with any other I guess, like GIMP)

Yeah After Effects is pretty amazing… I love it. Although it’s the buggiest of all. TONS of bugs to this day, and many have been around for several versions and don’t get fixed =/.

I don’t know, I’ve been using PS since version 5.5 and I’ve always been able to zoom and pan easily with the mouse and spacebar. You were probably much earlier than me, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: And I HHHHHAAAAATTEEEE Adobe Illustrator… :@ Dumbest piece of software I’ve ever used… (Adobe Flash isn’t too far behind on level of stupidity! I’m glad Unity3D’s flash exporter just came around!)

…I have to check out this unity3d … sounds to be a very interesting piece for game developers … maybe worth the money (photoshop isnt)

Unity was giving away their android basic version ($400) for free back in april. Wish I had let you guys know sooner, think the free promotion ended april 8th.

Ahhh yeah I got it when there were like 2 days left, so I have a Unity Basic license + iOs + Android, all free =P

I really think those basic versions should be free forever, and they should only charge for the Pro version. They’d really win over a TON of Android devs…

Unity’s pretty cool!! Your base file size is kinda big compared to building your own game, but it speeds up the process SO much

I am more conerned about overall performance of unity by having to use a scripting language where I cannot tune my app specific for the different languages … I am kinda freaky in terms of performance gaining … many of my games features very sophisticated memory managment and/or partitioning techniques … Robo Miner is playable even on the emulator … lags a tiny bit but overall it’s playable nicely.

That’s the reason I never liked high level libraries or tools and stick to more or less low level apis.

In case of so much different devices it is a bit of a mess for a game developer … it is so painful, that iOS has a completely different code base than android …

Thats awesome that it will even run on the emulator. The emulator is such crap lol. But I heard the latest update is suppose to help the emulator very much.

One of my games is playable on the emulator, but on some phones it lags badly whenever it is playing sound effects. I heard somewhere the android is notoriously slow doing sound effects. Do you have any optimization tips or techniques for sound effects?