Revmob very low CPM !

Somebody who use revmob. Have you decrease eCPM in 2 times after they change stats software from 28/01 ?
Already 2 Days in from 00:10 hrs my CPM was 65$ ! 23:59 to reach the value of 0.62 and money counter is irrelevant to the data values. Also, they can not show the average daily CPM in the reports table.
Before they change stats software cpm was 2.5 —> 1.2.

You’re not the only one, i was averaging 1.5$ Ecpm and yesterday i saw 0.66$, Something is wrong with the new dashboard!!!

Removed Revmob because of very very low CPM.

@david, pls. fix the forum spam.

yesterday 0.9$ ecpm its suck

I got rid of the constant “Free Game Of the day” banner and full page network looooong time ago

Startap too lost cpm from 14.01 and still not return back

Hi, I am like you. I have found more developers like us. I have read an iphone developer that his revenue has decreased a 90%. I hope that this will be an error and that will be fixed in a few days. If not, I use more adnetworks and only need to change the traffic to the others. Its a pity… I had 1,2 eCPM, that is great for my countries but yesterday it was 0,6 and today 0,48.

My number of impresions has decreased a bit too (may be 10-20% less) so I think there is worse fill rate. The CTR is more or less the same, but revenue and eCPM is very low and getting lower.

I will wait a few days (may be Wednesday) and if it continue like now I will remove most of my revmob traffic.

Did you wrote questions to revmob support ?

Yes. I have explained what is happening and asking if is an error or if demand has simply dropped. I will post the reply.

Could be good you to write them too.

They dont answer any questions

What a alternative for revmob ?

There are a lot alternatives but it depends of your principal countries and the kind of ads that you need. I am goind to wait to revmob a few days. I could tell you what I think is the best choice for you if tell me a few what you need. If you don’t want to write it here I don’t know if you could send me an email or internal message. We used notifications and since google banned the notifications and icons, we have study about 100 ad networks. Revmob is/was very good but with the current eCPM is not our first choice.

  1. Full page ads worldwide , real time stats.
  2. 30NET payment to paypal.
    Appnext Airpush already check - very bad.

Ok. The links belows has a code. The code is for both receive a bonus and I’d appreciate it if you register you do with these links. I tested airpush, the eCPM was good but fillrate was very bad and the listeners for use an other adnetwork when they have not an ad for you working very bad. So we don’t use airpush. Appnext was tested but don’t remember why we rejected. Which was your ecpm with them?

My apps are most from LATAM so my eCPM is not the highest.

StartApp For banners is not very well but for fullpage works very good and ads are very nice. I have 1,5 - 2 eCPM. The fill rate is near 100% and you have a listener to use an other ad network if it fails. You could use search box which they pay for each one that install it (accept an eula). If you use this you will receive a bonus in your fullpage revenue (25% I think, but not remenber exactly).

MobileCore It has fullPage. For USA my eCPM is 6$. For all my apps is 1,5$ but most are from LATAM. Is very new. They reply all your mails even saturday and monday. The CTR is very high. They have an slider (with brench as share or rate us) and other kind of ad (Sticker). Offerwall works well as exit too. Fillrate is 100%.

Admob. Is great eCPM, similar than StartApp and MobileCore but they comunication with them is impossible and one problem with them is very hard to fix it. We don`t use admob now, but we have used. I think is better for banners which are the best eCPM I have seen.

LeadBolt For full pages works well for some countries (USA, Europe, Australia…) but when it works very well (at least for us) is in exit and exit ads. Is a dialog yes/no as the revmob pop up.

We use 1/3 of revmob, MobileCore and StartApp and LeadBolt for some entries an exits. As the ads are different that makes that users cliks more that means great CTR and better eCPM because the user does not whatch allways the same apps. Wehave tested a lot of adnetworks and the problem is that most of them gives good ecpm only for USA and Europe. Having 2$ eCPM for USA is very easy, but having 1$ eCPM for Brazil or 0,8 for Colombia (as MobileCore does) is very difficult.

I hope you find this information interesting and sorry for my english.

Revmob has been good overall, yeah a few days a month the ecpm sucks, but overall it is great don’t let a few bad days ruin your parade

I hope that. But since september I have not had a big fall as this. I am going to wait until wednesday and if the revenues are like now I will increase my traffic to the other ads I have that eCPM is more or less the same.

If you tried appnext before we launched our new SDK, I hope I can get you to try again. You can read a few developers reviews here that made appnext their primary ad network.
The new SDK we launched is better than all the others, simply because it has something that others don’t - a send by email function, which dramatically increases your eCPM. So, I do hope you will be willing to try again.

Also, our service and support are very good. Not answering at all is a problem, doesn’t matter what network you are. And… we pay Net 10 :slight_smile:

If you want to see screenshots of the new interstitial, let me know.

Hello @Korunt! Have a look at Pollfish (, a new innovative monetization method that delivers surveys through mobile apps. Pollfish provides real time statistics and surveys are displayed as an overlay delivering up to 20x more.