Revmob very low CPM !

I have read you in other thread. What is “our $2 CPM guarantee”? May be I test your ad network but I would like to know more about this.

Hi Sngnsft,

That guarantee was a long time ago. We don’t give that guarantee, but you can check with other developers here - they are genrating much more than $2 eCPM in most tier 1-2 countries, and close to it in tier 3-4 countries.
As I said, the new interstitial we launched is much more engaging. No magic here, just a new function that generates more installs (and increases your eCPM).

Feel free to ask me more here, on Skype (yoni_raveh) or via email ([email protected]).

The revmob support mail reply:

“We’ve seen this ecpm drop for some of our publishers indeed. This is not related to the console change though - both facts just happened to happen at the same time.
We are working to bring ecpm back to prior levels - there is not much you can do at the moment :frowning:

So, I am going to wait a few days

I recently started using appnext. I am happy with dashboard, load time of the adds and etc. But I have a problem with it, precisely:

Clicks: 220
Installs: 3.

It means 220 people clicked on ad (and it is interstitial ad), but only 3 of them downloaded the app. I see many clicks all the time, but CR is very law (1.36% in this case). In banner ads it is sometimes normal, but they are all interstitial ads.

3 out of 220, is it normal, or I am the only one without luck?

Hi Javanshir,

The number seems normal. It can be higher, of course, but the conversion rate is in the normal range.
What I can add to this is, that due to our ‘send by email’ function in the interstitial, over time the clicks generate more installs (from people that installed the app from the email).

Also, let’s wait a little bit longer. the number of clicks is still quite low, so 1-2 installs can really change the CR.

airpush is unfortunately being reported as a virus by the eset smart security anti-virus… :frowning:

My eCPM has dropped even more. I like revmob but I am going to update to reduce revmob in my apps at 25% that was (We was going to update because some bugs too). If get better I will return the traffic to revmob. Now, revenue, is 1/10 that was.

What a hell ! Today eCPM 0.43

Me too 0.45$ it’s not funny anymore

When was a low eCPM ever funny? :confused:

Yesterday down to 0.29
Now (today) 0.00

Today 0.00 for me also …

Same here. I contacted Revmob two days ago on their “contact” link but got no response.
Is there a support email I can use ?

[email protected]
Skype: ariel.simis

Thanks ! I’ll try now.

By the way, I used to work for an ad network a few years ago.
In cases such as Revmob has now, we would contact our publishers/developers and make sure they know where things stand and give them a rough estimation
on when an issue would be solved. I think even if Revmob fixes the issue, they might be losing business simply for the way they handle the issue.

Me too $0.00 today… what’s wrong?

0.00 for me…

They already fix cpm count. But click not count as a result CTR and CPM for today will be calculated incorrectly.
But other big problem Revmob now in all big virus database. Users already write warning in google play application review. Install go down , users afraid install app.

I`m too facing same issue yesterday eCPM was $0.12