Revenue 0$ at AppoDeal

I"ve added AppoDeal to my application only for testing reasons, and it seems like I don’t get any revenues from Unity video ads.
if someone had any experience with this company, I’d like to hear.

It’s in incomplete status, you should wait until it get complete.

Well now its marked as completed and still nothing…

I don’t like them from start, they’ve too many bugs in the system. I’d recommend you to try out SuperS0nic. They’re way better than AppoDeal. They’re also offering bonus for new pubs (hint: my sig).

This made me sad as i am integrating appodeal in my updated app. @pavel Any thoughts?

They also dont respond to my emails. Im really starting to think they are a scam.

@Yakirbu, have they e-mailed you? Same problem here $0 revenue from clicks. Also e-mailed them, still nothing…

Yes they have.
They told me it takes full 48 hours until the revenue is imported.
So, tonight we’ll see , I"ll update you.

I told you guys, they’re russian scammers. They pay in start to get some trust of people and after getting a thousands of users, they simply run away with the money. You should always work with a established company, never trust a russian network ran by a couple of guys.

hello friends hear my app state regarding

Same to me unity ads give me 0.00:mad:

Admob and amazone revenue good but appodeal and unity ads revenue is not good any help.


i like to test more time and see what happen next but @pavel you need to come for give us answer why unity ads give me 0.00 ECPM

Same here only REVENUE from admob but another networks always 0 REVENUE

Same for me. Video ads seem zero. i will give chance for a while then i will use just good earning ad type. Maybe i can use another ad service

Guys please share if there is anything new.
I want to use their services but I see that you are not satisfied, so i am not completely sure what to do.

Hey guys. Johnpaul here. Please send me an email directly. I’m willing to publically disclose my email [email protected] on the forum to assist you however I need you to contact me in order to resolve any issues you may be having. I can’t find your account via your forum ID.

The more i investigate about these guys the more suspicious they look to me. How the hell can an ads network advance you the money from other networks, are you going to finance all us? It’s a basic rule of economics.

And all those spammers coming here posting incredible results, it’s so pathetic that can’t be made for any smart guy able to create a serious business.

Actually, the only serious guy here seems to be johnpaul. Are you being scammed too, johnpaul?

Actually i got payment. I requested instant payout. They send me my money via paypal in a few days. The only problem is 0 revenue video ads

Appodeal distributes your traffic among different ad networks.

We don’t have control over what networks pay for your traffic. And we don’t charge you any commission.

If UnityAds does not pay for your traffic — you can check it yourself. Integrate directly their SDK and you will see the same results.

We received several complaints recently from developers, who delivered couple thousand impressions to UnityAds that did not convert.
We are working with UnityAds to resolve this matter and understand, why some clicks and impressions are not getting paid.

Okay, we made internal investigation and here’s an official response.

All users that encountered $0 revenue from UnityAds, delivered only 1-2K impressions to UnityAds overall.
Since UnityAds has a CPI model, sometimes it is just not enough to send 1-2K impressions to get an actual conversion and revenue.