Problem with Airpush

I have problem with my Airpush account. Since 3 hours I can’t log in. When I try login to my account I get information: Admin approval needed. Someone had a similar problem with Airpush?

Hi Kamelia77,

Please send me your account information, I will have your account reviewed and re enabled.



I am having the exact same problem since a week. The problem is that I have over 1 million users and this outage probably costing me over $5,000 now. I will PM further details. Please help!

i have same problem. what can i do?


Please PM me your information. I will take a look into your account.


i have same problem too. what can i do?


It’s been since beginning of April and still the problem reporting problem has not been solved. YOu guys are reporting 0 for downloads still!! Please fix it already Phill and don’t tell me to PM you anymore this is exhausting… Really is

I also cant login to airpush (admin approval needed) for two months!! Please fix this immediately!

[email protected]

I am too facing the same problem and there is some money pending to be payout …

Some money is pending to be payed out by this month ???

Hi there,

PM me your Airpush email address and I will look into the issue.


Airpush Nick

my mail id is [email protected]… Please check it asap… i have money pending from long time… looks like airpush is running some kind of scam

Just sent you a PM to help with this issue.


Still waiting for the payment for Airpush… Surprisingly just before the payment my account is blocked from Airpush :(.
I hold this account from 8month and till now NO payment has been received…:frowning:

Hi AndroidInside,

I have already been in contact with you on your account. I am replying to your email now.
We have a proven record on this and other forums of paying out non fraudulant publishers for several years.

Airpush Nick

Publishing the interaction with Airpush for others benefit

On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 12:42 AM, Nick Davies <[email protected]> wrote:

You have not been able to provide legitimate data for your apps traffic. 
You state that your app is not on Google Play but you still receive traffic.
We do not track URLs on our end and it is your responsibility per our publisher agreement to have valid URLs even if your app is not on Google Play. 
Your account has been suspended and any funds will not be released until you can provide legitimate links and data for your apps traffic.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Rekha shah <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, Nov 27, 2014 at 9:04 AM
Subject: Re: Regarding pending amount from airpush.
To: Nick Davies <[email protected]>


Still you have not replied to my query why is my account blocked by Airpush…Why i am not able to login to airpush now…???
By publishing ads from my app your company has earned money till day and now at the time of payment you are asking me the traffic receive details.

Could you tell me what was the data my account used to show as revenue. Was it all fake ???I think you have updated my amount based on the amount to be payed…

Why Why Why is my account now blocked. .
Give me the access to my account then i can show the screen shot of generated revenue

Lol… I had a lot of warnings that my links are not valid… is it so dangerous?:open_mouth:

Same here. Can’t logon.
Air push just don’t want to pay you…
They owe me 150 USD
What a nice company !

Don’t trust this company or Nick Davies !!!

Please make sure your apps links are correct and verified. We will not make payment on any that are not.

Android insiders account was banned due to fraudulent traffic and invalid given apps links.

Avens account was revoked due to inappropriate app content that was against our publisher terms of service.

Airpush Nick

If the Google Developer Account was terminated, how can a developer show you the traffic data? One more thing, when their dev accounts are terminated, their apps will no longer available on Playstore, but there are still some traffics from old users, so how can you verify the link to those apps?

Hi Fundev,

If the account was suspended then we do understand that and the publisher can post the app to another market and we will accept data from there.
But if the account was suspended and there is still large amounts of traffic going to the app, that is a red flag.