Pollfish - Developers, developers, developers!

Hello everyone,

At Pollfish we are proud to announce the release of our new panel for our developers!

New features, new look and feel, real updates and many more:

In Pollfish new dashboard you can see now insights for your user base. Where are they located? What is their age and gender? What is the screen sizes, carriers and devices that your user base use?

And this is not all! Create internal surveys on your users for FREE and ask them what you want to know… Is this new feature you are thinking to develop valuable to your users? Don’t make assumptions anymore, ask and learn quick, fast and free before you begin the development cycle :slight_smile:

And don’t forget our new v3 SDKs are out both for Android and iOS, 100% compliant with relevant stores, and also Unity plugin is out!

And last but not least, a new playful survey format has arrived!

Sign up todayand take advantage of Pollfish insights and panel new features!

Good job keep it up

@andreasv, can’t see the option “Learn your users”. (Internal surveys)

Hey @Javanshir, it is temporarily hidden, you will see it in your panel probably by the end of next week, stay tuned :slight_smile:

why a , in front of Dollars and cents, it should be a perioid like this $50.30

Good job. Keep it up guys

sorry @DroidGenie, I did not understand the questions, can you re-phrase?

Any banners, or just intersatials?

if i make android app and integrate pollfish SDK, does the surveys start to show automatically or i should make some? and my second question is, is there any chance to be banned because i use admob and pollfish at the same time?

Hey @kevinW, Pollfish works with surveys in the way you can see in the demo app here, no banners or interstitials.

Hello @yo_asakura, at Pollfish we claim to have one of the fastest SDK integrations out there. You only have to drag and drop our SDK in your app and call Pollfish init function and that’s it. Integration requires less than 2 minutes! You do not have to create surveys, our clients do. Since you are a developer you just have to integrate our SDK, release your app and start gaining revenue.

Most of our developers use us along with admob just to boost their revenue, so yes you should user Pollfish along with admob. If you have more questions or concerns, I will be happy to help.

one more questions. does this work in every country (for example Bulgaria), or there are countries with lower number of available surveys? :slight_smile:

Pollfish works in different countries! We have both local and global surveys running every day, however everything depends on survey creators’ needs and targeting criteria as they come and go to the platform in an ad-hoc, unpredicted way :slight_smile:

and after user completes a survey, after how long there is a new survey? one per day or like banners and interstatials (interval of time)…?

Hello @yo_asakura, when a developers will be rewarded $0.30 for a completed survey we restrict surveys to one per day in order to keep intrusiveness low and keep user experience high :slight_smile: So when a user completes a survey everything cleans from the app and user continues to use the app with a clear UI! :slight_smile:

ok, thank you! :slight_smile:

Looking promising! I’ll test it out and post my review.

i integrated pollfish into one of my apps. looks like everything is OK, but the problem is that i don’t get any surveys on my devices. i guess that’s because i am from Bulgaria. that’s very bad because most of my apps are targeted for Bulgarians…

Hey @yo_asakura, you released your app yesterday afternoon, give it a try :slight_smile: we do have global surveys covering Bulgaria too!

yes, i understand i have to wait. but there is over 20 unique users already, but only 3 surveys shown. That’s why i’m thinking you have very low fillrate. I’ll wait and see how things will work in the future, and maybe i’ll upload more of my apps, but i’m afraid that this fillrate will be very bad… I guess for now i’ll only wait… :slight_smile:

and i have a question… what is the payment threshold to receive my money in paypal?