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hey @yo_asakura, with 20 unique users you rill probably get $0,01 from ad networks. If one of these users answer a survey you will get $0.30. It is all about the maths :stuck_out_tongue:

We have monthly payments with Net15 through PayPal. Payments occur with minimum $30. If you have more questions I will be happy to help!

In the documentation, there is a section called “privacy policy”. I do not use privacy policy for my apps. Is it mandatory to use your text as privacy policy ? If not, Google bans my app or Pollfish do not accept my app ? Other advertising companies also use advertising id but there is no privacy policy for them.

Hello @Akhadian, stating the use of an SDK in the app was a Google strategy since the first release of Google Analytics library. Every app is suggested to have a privacy policy to inform its users about the use of their private data. However this is not forced and Google never managed to do this among its developer community. We suggest the use of that paragraph in the documentation in order to play by the rules. However nobody is doing it (other networks, even Google with its own SDKs) so it is clear up to the developer to do whatever he wants.

Thanks for the answer. It is not an optional step in your documentation. That’s why I confused a little.

Hi andreasv,

Did you stop accepting Android games anymore ? While adding a new app there is no “Games” section in category dropdown menu. However my old apps’ category still stay as “Games”.

Hello @Akhadian, we do accept apps, please check again, there is a Game option now, it was accidentally hidden in website’s last update! Sorry for any inconvenience. :slight_smile:

and what about the internal surveys? Or you have changed you mind, and there will not be any internal survey?

Hello @Javanshir, internal surveys are up and running in private beta, we are still testing them internally and probably release them publicly within the next days. However you can use them today, just pm me and I will let you know how to proceed :slight_smile:

Hey @Javanshir, did you notice that internal surveys are up? :slight_smile: Anyone now can create internal surveys within his apps and talk to his users for FREE, easily and DIY. Start getting results real-time! :slight_smile: Feedback is welcome!!!

Hey guys but i can’t download Pollfish SDK :slight_smile:

Hello @manhcuong1995. What is the issue? You can download Pollfish Android SDK from our android monetize section of the website. Or directly from here. If you need any help, just pm me or send me an email at [email protected], I will be happy to help.

i’m stuck at this link download, it doesn’t download :frowning:

Hey @manhcuong1995, links seem to work. However I just send you an email, so please check your inbox! :slight_smile:

Thank you, it has just worked for me :slight_smile: