Please help me with my earning reports and suggest me good ad networks .

I have a quiz game that is only available in India.But i am getting 15000+ daily new installs.I released my game 10 days ago & got 80000+ downloads in 10 days & got the first place in ‘Top New Free’ in ‘Brain & Puzzle’ category.Though this is my first game.:wink:
For ads i am using two networks.
When user enters a game, he will see a StartApp 3D banner at bottom of the screen.
when user clicks play, they will go to main screen of question & answer.
If they click “More Free Games” , it will load StartApp’s AppWall. Same thing at the exit of game.
AdMob is placed at only one place in game.But it is the main place where user will be continuously see the AdMob banner.I am receiving $0.04 eCPM with 10,00,000 impressions per day with 45 seconds refresh time.
7 crore.jpg
As per 21st September report, my earnings are,

ADMOB- 10,00,000 impressions, 0.19% CTR , eCPM $0.04, earnings $40-50.(per day)
StartApp- 50,000 - 75,000 impressions & $15-20 a day with $0.23 eCPM.

But i think i should get more but i don’t know how ?
Can anyone suggest me good ad networks or techniques, by which i can get at least $100-150 a day.I expect this, because according to my calculation my game is being played more than 10,000 hours a day.

Really great stats for first app, congratz !
And this is my advice:

-Delete admob.
-You can use inMobi, I guess its more active in India and It must be more profitable than Admob.
-For example I get 14k$ yesterday from 2m+ impression with mobile Core. You can try but eCPM in India is low.

Wow. Is this for real?

Yeah real.

Is it a game?

Holy crap sherlock, how many apps do you have? :open_mouth:

Grats man, that’s a crazy amount of revenue. I assume you have a lot of successful games?

$14,000 a day, $98,000 a week and $420,000 a moth, you are so rich. Do you have a team or alone?

Can you send me a link for your app/game ?

I have sent e-mail to almost all major networks & waiting for their reply.
But i am thinking to replace all ads with LeadBolt.
Has anyone tried LeadBolt banner ads & AppWall ?
I have also heard good review about tap-context.But also some bad reviews,like "Game is banned after adding TapContext ",etc.
I got a reply from AppNext. They says,they can do better in my case, if i give them a try.
Any review about TapContext & AppNext ?

tapcontext seems to have only one ad to show that too of a very spammy antivirus program which starts scanning user’s device. The banners are also advertising the same anti virus all the time.
Appnext may be good if users want to download other games from your game as appnext pays depending upon the number installs you drive to them. There more games and offerwall is really innovative.

Since yours is an indian game, most PPD networks will give you 0.01 for every install. banner/interstitial will perform poorly including admob (try inmobi here). Next time better code a game for U.S. citizens which seem to be crazy about iPhone.

SO overall, you have very limited high earning options with your Indian traffic/users.

And pls. don’t spam other threads

For India why don’t you try Vserve - Mobile Advertising Network for Premium in-app Ads and Global App Monetization |
It has good reviews for applications targeted for Indian audience

Has anyone tried LeadBolt or AppBrain banners ?

AppBrain banners are ok, but only when mediated at like 5-10%.

I recommend appnext :rolleyes:

Seriously, our interstitial are the best in town. very good eCPM. If you need, contact me directly for more detials.
Whatever you choose, I would dump at least one of those network you are currently using and switch to someone better. Your eCPM are supposed to be much higher.

No I dont have team and I’m not rich :slight_smile: It’s just for that day and from 6 entertainment apps.

What about LeadBolt & TapContext banners ?
I got a reply from TapContext today,that they can give $0.80 CPM for banners & $5 CPM for interstitial.

I just updated my game with AppNext before 5 minutes.
Let’s see what i will get tomorrow.

Only 6 apps? That´s interesting! Since you seem to be in business for a some time, i can assume that each app took very long time to develop?

Can you give us a link to be of your successfully apps? This is really interesting to have such high revenue unless it is a glitch (like what happened in airpush 4 months ago, my revenue went up to 60k from a day but corrected it after)